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Discussion in 'Beachfront Hangout' started by Shining Raikou, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. Shining Raikou Your friendly neighborhood Raikou fan!
    Shining Raikou

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    The title says it all, any simple questions you encounter while using the forums, post them here!

    A few simple guidelines first:

    1. Don't jump to conclusions. Ask a question, don't make a statement.
    2. Please deposit all "Thank you" posts on the staff member's profile.
    3. Please do not post answers if you are not currently a staff member. This is to avoid misinformation.
    4. You may bring any post here to a mod/staff member's attention if you think they know the answer by tagging them. (Ex: @Shining Raikou)
    5. Feel free to also report concerns about technical issues with the forums/website/chat/etc here.

    Got it? Good. Now, ask away! :)
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  2. Rusty Sticks ♪~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ
    Rusty Sticks


    When you hover over the words in the header bar, you get a drop-down menu for each of them that provide links to several resources. However, the drop-down menu for Forums does not appear unless you hover over the arrow next to the word. I don't know if this is intentional or not since the menu itself is significantly smaller than any of the others, but it bothered me so I figured I should point it out for the sake of consistency.
  3. lookathis Aspiring Trainer


    Whats Pokebeachs stance on bumping threads (Assuming the post is meaningful etc)? As I want to reply to a thread that is just over two weeks old however there isn't anything in the rules about it.
  4. thegrovylekid Makes fake cards


    How do I join an official tournament? once there is one.
  5. Shining Raikou Your friendly neighborhood Raikou fan!
    Shining Raikou

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    Thank you, we'll take a look at it!

    If you have new information or something relevant to add to the thread, bumping a thread over 2 weeks old is fine. However, don't just bump it to say something quick and short. It needs to be a well thought out post.

    Keep checking back on the front page and the PB calendar for new activities, and sign ups will be announced for them soon!
  6. Rusty Sticks ♪~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ
    Rusty Sticks


    Chat Room FAQ has inaccurate information. It says the command to change your nickname is /nickname, when it is actually /nick [nickname].
  7. Jeremy1026 Aspiring Trainer


    The new design is nice, but it is not responsive, and thus forces me to scroll left and right to view replies on posts. This is soooooo unacceptable in 2015. Are there plans to fix this issue?

    To fix it, remove the fixed width of 1180px on #content and the width of 1220px on header#masthead
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  8. pokeperson18 Aspiring Trainer


    In chat can you promote a post you did on THIS website?
  9. Cinesra obsevitative


    Are username changes still unavailable after the move to xenforo?

    Why is it that I can set a signature, but not see anyone's sigs when I have viewing them enabled?
  10. professorlight Ice Queen


    Reading about the activities it says there will be a create-a-pokemon challenge; is there any way I can participate in it as a judge or moderator for that specific contest? I proposed that some time ago for a forum game, so I would love to take part on it if it is now going to be a main feature.
  11. Shining Raikou Your friendly neighborhood Raikou fan!
    Shining Raikou

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    Thank you, we'll get that fixed right away!

    I'll relay this comment to our team, and figure out a possible fix. Thanks! :)

    As long as you don't spam it.

    Username changes aren't available as of now, sorry!

    As for signatures, it was an error from when we launched the site. We sat down tonight to work on fixing it, and it's back up now. :) Enjoy!

    Fill out an application here to become an activities organizer.
  12. King Arceus Aspiring Trainer
    King Arceus

    Elite Member Advanced Member Member

    Can we possibly make the Skype link clickable on profiles? The Skype url should be
  13. Teal 黄前さん らしい ね


    My "self-given" badges are outdated but they won't update even though I changed them on my profile?
  14. Cinesra obsevitative


    I don't suppose there's a way to get back all of the stuff I had in my user notes thingy?
  15. professorlight Ice Queen


    Oh, thanks; I was hoping for something less... formal, really; I didn't know you had to become a mod to run those things. I guess I'll settle with watching in that case.
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  16. Athena Envoy of Mediation

    Advanced Member Member

    It's the same for me; somehow I got stuck with a Competitive VG badge, even. :p I reported this back before the site went live, so I known it's a known bug. It's also probably low on the list of things to get fixed, but rest assured that we do know about the error.

    If you're talking about post drafts, all drafts were automatically posted in their thread of origin when the information was swapped over because Xenforo doesn't support the drafts feature that we had on MyBB. If you're not talking about drafts... then I guess I'm not sure what "user notes thingy" means, sorry. >_>

    EDIT: Now that I'm more aware of what this actually is, I've passed the issue onto higher-ups. Not actually sure if the information is lost or moved somewhere weird, but someone will post again with a firmer answer for you.

    You do not have to become a mod to run an activity. You do become staff (as in, Activities staff), but that does not automatically make you a forum moderator, since forum staff (such as mods) are only one category of staff.
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  17. Guts CyberPhunk


    Not sure if anyone else is experiencing these problems, but:
    1. Whenever I try to open a spoiler, I am taken to an error page that reads "The requested page could not be found." I can screenshot the page if needed.
    2. When I click "Post Reply" at the bottom of a thread, I am again taken to an error page. However, this one says "Please enter a valid message." I must click "More Options" to actually reply to a post, which doesn't make much sense.
    I'm using Google Chrome, if that information is of any help. Thanks for any help you might be able to give me.

    EDIT: Oh yeah, I just checked to see if these features work in Firefox, and they absolutely do. I didn't even know there were drop-down menus until I logged in from Firefox. I'm also not able to edit my signature or edit any of my posts. Not sure if this is already being dealt with or has already been brought up, but I just thought I'd list some of the issues I was having.
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  18. Athena Envoy of Mediation

    Advanced Member Member

    1. Spoilers are working fine for me and I've seen other people use them without issue. Could you please take a screencap of the issue?
    2. That "Post Reply" button is at the bottom of a quick reply box. You can just type your response in that box and hit "Post Reply" to easily reply to a thread without opening a separate page. Clicking the "More Options" opens the reply box in a new window so that you have access to additional features such as previewing and attachments.

    Also, an update:

    The information from the User Notes section of old profiles is still stored in the old database and is possible to find to our site admin. If you would like to retrieve that information, we need a sample of the text from that section so that we can do a CTRL+F to find the entire section and share it with you.
  19. Guts CyberPhunk


    Yeah, after checking the issues on firefox, it turns out the quick reply text box doesn't even appear on the bottom of the thread on Google Chrome, hence why I can't enter a valid message. And like I said, all of the issues I was facing on Chrome are nonexistent on Firefox, including the spoiler error.

    I also double-checked to see if adblock was the reason that I was experiencing these errors on chrome, since I have it installed there and not on Firefox, but that wasn't the issue.
  20. Athena Envoy of Mediation

    Advanced Member Member

    I just tested both Quick Reply and Spoilers on a fresh install of Google Chrome and everything worked fine. It's possible you might have another add-on that is interfering. Perhaps NoScript?

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