[Hackmons] A World Of Sheer Cold, And Only One Stands Above

Discussion in 'VG Competitive Play' started by MrGatr, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. MrGatr Goin Rogue Baby :DDD


    In A World Of Sheer Cold, Only One Sticks Out!

    Early this one Sunday morning, I was browsing battles to see if I knew anybody on Pokemon Showdown , only because of my stalker instinct. So, I came across two kids doing a Hackmons battle. I was so curious I decided to ask them, and they both told me that your Pokemon can have any Ability, and any Move with 252 EV's in everything. This made my day, finally I could learn more about theorymon, and actually use the little theorymon knowledge I have. So because I don't start new tiers without asking someone to help me get started, I decided to ask on the main chat. Well the first person to respond was Snowflakes He told me to try using Wonder Guard, and to make some Pokemon untouchable. Later he came up with the idea of my star Jolteon with Wonder Guard, this became the only permanent member of my team from the very base.

    Now that you have heard this teams origins, time to learn more about the title. Today while battling, many people have been giving me praises for being probably the only person to not use Deoxys-Speed @ Choice Scarf, with No Guard, and Sheer Cold. This made me very happy to know that my creativity wasn't being bashed for once in a lifetime. This inspiration led to me keep building on this team, going from a team of two Pokemon to a team of six in the matter of thirty minutes. Now the thing that makes this so unique in Hackmons is the fact that you can win with just a single sweeper on your team.

    Now that you have heard all the teams stuff, time to see the teambuilding process. This team took a long time (progressing and building over like six hours) and I'm very proud to know every member that had been on the team, and what they were used for.
    If you read the Introduction you know all about how this guy is the star of my team. The Only original member. I chose Jolteon over Electrode because of stat superiority. I'd rather go second then have terrible health, and defenses. Jolteon also has only one weakness, Ground/Rock types, which was easy to counter.

    Form a few tests in UU I knew that if Houndoom could get a +6 quickly, he could be a terrible sweeper, while looking up abilities, I found out that Simple doubles any stat boosts and drops. This made him a great sweeper after Jolteon was dead, and I had a ball with him.

    Well, you are all thinking, "You little liar, you said that this team had no Deoxys-Speed" Well, the current version doesn't. It actually used it at one point. After being swept hard core by a Deoxys-S with Mold Breaker, I needed something to fire back and do the same thing. So I decided to fight fire with fire. This made my team that much more annoying to any opponents it might face. It helped a little bit, but the team wasn't done there.

    The bulk Registeel has is amazing. So I added him in to wall, and even get KO's. I put Shadow Tag on him, and Perish song, which made him a great attacker, and got rid of things like Wonder Guard Spiritomb, and Sableye. He wasn't easily KO'd back when I put him in either. This guy made my day so much better.

    I needed Mold Breaker bad at this point. So I used Rampardos thinking that "What the hay, he already learns it wynaut?" After testing a lot with him, it became apparent that Mold Breaker was a defining force of this meta. Now this is where the team gets shaken up a lot. This was the point I was at 2-8, and barely reaching the 100 mark on the ladder. So I decided to take my team, and make it twice as good. This was the original version, and it did horrible.


  2. bacon !!!!!


    Just out of interest, what's the deal with Dragon Pulse on Ambipom? I know Hackmons is a weird and wonderful world but I'm struggling to see its purpose... enlighten me?
    Dork Void


    Better question, what's the point of Ambipom on this team? Its fast and has decent attack and that's really all it has going for it; when you've got ubers available to you I can't help but think there are better choices for Fake Out+U-Turn...Deoxys-S or Deoxys-A come to mind. Since I don't actually play hackmons I don't know too much else but that Jolteon looks like me that's its in the same place as Ambipom, probably outclassed by some uber or other.
  4. The Yoshi Wumbo
    The Yoshi


    Creativity isn't good for a team when you choose to run Ambipom over Deoxys-S or Deoxys-A, which are both much better choices for a scout. It just doesn't make much sense to run Ambipom and get praised for bad creativity.
  5. MrGatr Goin Rogue Baby :DDD


    Ambipom actually works a lot better than Deoxys since I've added Mold Breaker, it beats Deoxy's pretty easily,

    Heres the thing, what uber has is electric typing only? Has to stats of Jolteon? With only one weakness? From what I could see none. And + Theres not much to outclass a virtually invincible attacker, I mean you could try using Spiritomb, or Sableye, but they are easily KO'd by other better attackers.
  6. Puff-Sun Gogoats


    What about a Sash/Gastro Acid/Wonder Guard Spiritomb? It deals effectively with mold breakers, and you can use recover to sponge their hits.
    Just a disclaimer, I know almost nothing about Hackmons.
  7. MrGatr Goin Rogue Baby :DDD


    I guess that would work over Ambipom but I would have to test.

    I also have some good news, I finished laddering with this team, and it reached 42 today. I'm really happy about this :)
  8. Equinox Stallwart Player


    I'm surprised Prankster Smeargle isn't being abused nor No Guard Sheer Cold Machamp herp de derp.
  9. Blah DBT


    As everyone else has been saying, Ambipom is outclassed.

    I'm not great with Hackamon strategies, but if you want to keep Ambipom the way it is, use Arceus instead. It's got the same typing and better stats all around.

    If you like leech seed sets, I might replace Jolteon with Giratina. While not able to abuse Wonder Guard as effectively, it's a significantly better user of a Leech Seed set. I would also replace Taunt with Spore.
  10. MrGatr Goin Rogue Baby :DDD


    Most people are hyper offensive in hackmons lol, so Smeargle is no, but in Balanced Hackmons I guess he's pretty great. And Deoxys S is much faster than Machamp herp derp

    Jolteon is the only effective abuser on my team of Wonder Guard. And I will try that Spore over Taunt idea
  11. Equinox Stallwart Player


    That's why you stick a Choice Scarf on him derp (And speed boosting nature)
  12. Mora Silently Chaotic


    "OHKO moves such as Horn Drill and Sheer Cold are not affected" -No Guard

    Has this changed for Black & White 2?
  13. MrGatr Goin Rogue Baby :DDD


    umm... actually it works, Sheer Cold no guard Deoxys S hits silly.

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