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Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by Mora, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. Mora Silently Chaotic


    If you don't mind, I think I'll call it "Luxchomp" :p

    Pokemon (20)
    4 Garchomp DRX 90
    3 Gabite DRX 89
    3 Gible DRX 87
    1 Gible DRX 86
    3 Altaria DRX 84
    3 Swablu DRX 104
    3 Emolga DRX 45

    Trainers N' Stuff (29)
    4 Juniper
    4 N
    3 Cheren
    4 Level Ball
    3 Pokemon Catcher
    3 Rare Candy
    2 Max Potion
    2 Pokemon Communication
    2 Super Rod
    2 Switch

    Energy (11)
    7 {F}
    4 {W}{L}{F}{M}

    This is the list I used at Battle Roads. I did pretty well, but I want first next time, so with that, I want to make room for a third Emolga, but I don't know what to take out. I'm leaning towards a Random Reciever, but I'm not sure. Thoughts anyone?
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  2. Joshawott words words words words


    I'd take out Random Receivers, and put in an Emolga and a Level Ball. Also, since Level Balls will practically search anything, I'd take out the Pokemon Communications for some Rescue Scarves or another switch or two. Also a fourth catcher wouldn't be a bad idea either, so maybe take out a fighting for that?
    -2 Random Receiver
    -2 PokeComm.
    -1 Fighting

    +1 Emolga
    +1 Rescue Scarf
    +1 Catcher
    +1 Switch
    +1 Level Ball
  3. Mora Silently Chaotic


    I have in the Communications for extra search. They get out Swablu with Dragon Call, and Garchomp with Level Ball. Plus, Garbodor shuts down Dragon Call, I'm going to want a way to search Garchomp. Super Rod is for the Altarias, so I think Rescue Scarf would be a little redundant, and unfortunately, I can't get a hold of a fourth Catcher. I think I will end up taking out the Random Recievers for a Level Ball and Emolga. Just curious but why would you run more than two Switch?
  4. Joshawott words words words words


    Fair enough. I like 3 switch for consistency, like if you wanted a t1 call for family or needed to switch out for a fresh Garchomps. Also, even with super rod, I've found rescue scarf to help stream Garchomps easier, since you get it right back to your hand. But I guess since you run max potion, most of what I just said should be ignored :p whatever works for you, I've just found the changes I've suggested above to work better for me ;)
  5. Mora Silently Chaotic


    I may put in a third Switch; I had always thought that Switch was a stupid play in this deck because Garchomp (and everything else) can retreat with just a turn's attchment, and with Max Potion, I could retreat, Max Potion for free, and still be able to use Dragon Blade if I needed to. However, Switch does help with getting a T1 Call for Family. But at Battle Roads this weekend, I got the T1 Call for Family in all four games. The first two games I started with it, the next game I Level Ball'd for it and drew into a Switch with N, and the last game, same thing, but I drew it with Juniper and ditched an Altaria in,the process when another Altaria and a Super Rod were prized. I want to increase my odds of starting with it first because that way, I wouldn't have had to ditch all the important stuff if I had just started with it, but if that doesn't work, I definately will test it out. Thankyou
  6. MamsPokemon Proud PokeTuber.!


    Have You Tried Using A Terrakion?
    Also: Water Energy Instead of The Blend, Just in Case of An Enhanced Hammer .?
    (Just Suggestions)
  7. PokéCastXVll Pokémon Connoisseur


    I have always contemplated Terrakion with Garchomp. Not tested against it, but Darkrai/Hydreigon looks like it could prove to be a tough one to get around. Ideally I'd want to play Terrakion with Energy Switch. Having the Energy Switch can be used as kinda like a "surprise" Retaliate whilst also making use of that dead Energy Emolga has attached to it. It's just space that's preventing me from doing so but it's an idea worth throwing out there.
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  8. Mora Silently Chaotic


    I have actually, but I find that with a more consistent list (and without Terrakion is rediculously more consistent) you can usually outspeed your opponent. Darkrai is a tough matchup, but if you get a T2 Garchomp and go for the Deinos, you can safely 2HKO Darkrai.
    The thing about Blends is that they count as {F}, and it's much more important to hit those as opposed to {W}. If I did take out the Blend, I'd probably replace them with all {F} or maybe two {W}, but honestly, I try not to even attach them unless I am going to use Dragonblade, which isn't too often.
  9. MamsPokemon Proud PokeTuber.!


    Yea you're right, I think i'm taking Terrakion out of my deck. How many Altaria do you usually set up? Since you say you rarely use DragonBlade
  10. Mora Silently Chaotic


    As many as I can ;) Usually at least two. The only time I use Dragonblade is when it OHKO's or turns a 3HKO into a 2HKO. And with two Altaria, Mach Cut is dealing the base attack of Dragonblade without decking yourself and discarding the special energy.
  11. TuxedoBlack Old School Player


    In my build, I only run 2 Emolgas and 2 Stunfisk!!!! Stunfisk is absolutely amazing against both Eels and Darkrai EX decks and is an excellent starter. I'd suggest the following changes for consideration:

    -1 Emolga
    -1 Level Ball
    -2 Max Potion (may not be "critical" that much in this 1HKO game format)

    +2 Stunfisk
    +1 Random Receiver (a possible out when you don't want to play a Professor Juniper and discard valuable resources)
    +1 Pokémon Communication

    If the metagame in your area has "alot" of Empoleon, then my only suggestion is:
    -1 Level Ball
    +1 Random Receiver
  12. ashtavakra Overlord


    -2 juniper
    +2 bianca

    burn your hand and it proves to be much better in the end.
    too many times you discard cards with juniper that you find you dont want to and end up hurting you late game.
    4 junipers is newbie beuno especially in garchomp where almost every card in the deck is vital to victory.
    as for altarias, rayeels is by far the best deck in the current format. and rayeels stomps garchomp & altaria.

    i'm not 100% sure how you guys figure altaria (a stage 1) is more consistent than terrkion (a basic, capable of 1hko darkrai).
    the chances of a start game t3 having 2-3 altaria and 2-3 garchomp is HIGHLY unlikely and by then if you are playing a higher skilled opponent,
    you will be down 2 altaria by t3. 70hp is too easy to hit especially in this format against any eel deck.
  13. MamsPokemon Proud PokeTuber.!


    Thats interesting! How do you use Stunkfisk? HIt him with 80 twice then garchomp to finish the job?
  14. Mora Silently Chaotic


    I don't really believe in having two different starters. I don't see the point of it against Darkrai. The only thing you're OHKO'ing is Sableye and Deino, and that's with two energies, where you can OHKO both of those with Garchomp for one energy, and the first turn you could have spent using Call for Family. It does donk Tynamos, but that's about it. Let's look at which criteria would get you a donk. First, your opponent has to be playing Eels (duh) and start with Tynamo. Also, you have to win the coin flip otherwise your opponent can get another Basic on the Bench T1. You have to either start with it or Switch into it which wouldn't too hard if it weren't for the fact that it isn't searchable via Level Ball. So either start with it, draw it with a Switch in hand, or Communication for it. Let's not forget it's useless in other matchups like the mirror. Both Swablu and Emolga resist Stunfisk, and Gible isn't weak to it. In the mirror match, it all comes down to who can get the first attack off and who can stream Garchomps the longest. Now, if I manage to pull Shiny Rayquaza, that will definately be going in here!

    I beg to differ. The BDIF, Darkrai/Hydreigon does 90 with a 30 snipe. Registeel can't fit for more than 80. Terrakion is only as good as it is because it hits a lot of stuff for Weakness. Boltstrike only does 120. Empoleon < 130. The only things that can effectively OHKO you are Mewtwo (which takes at least two turns to power up) Zekrom EX. Both of which are EX's, so you end up even with the prize trade. Zekrom usually only has one Zekrom EX (if any) and maybe two Mewtwos maximum, and they usually tend to have several other attackers like Zekrom and Thundurus that don't OHKO you, so Max Potion isn't entirely useless like it is in the mirror. It has certainly saved me more times than it has ended up in a dead hand.

    But thanks for the imput!
  15. Coutihno Aspiring Trainer


    The only Battle Road Garchomp/Altaria won was in a decklist with Terrakion, so I don't think it makes the deck inconsistent, it's really good against the 2 top decks since it can OHKO Darkrai EX,Zekrom EX and Raikou EX
  16. Hunga Oh no! Rotation in sight


    Like Coutihno said, Terrakion is quiet a bomb!
    Would maybe think about 1 water energy random against the mirror?
  17. Mora Silently Chaotic


    Honestly, my hand is almost always 6+. I don't know why :p

    4 Juniper is fast; it doesn't bother me ditching an Altaria or a Garchomp. That is what Super Rod is for. Clearly, I won't use it with 2 Garchomps and 2 Super Rods in hand (that's only happened once, by the way). It's kind of a risk/reward thing. I would like having Random Reciever in there for an out with a hand like that, but I honestly can't say I've missed them yet.

    ... You sure about that? 1) I've only seen them at league and not at Battle Roads. 2) I've only ever seen Rayquaza as a tech in Eels. 3) I'd love to face a pure Rayquaza Eels deck with Garchomp. Are you kidding!? OHKO's back and forth with me taking two prizes for every KO? That's a favorable matchup I'd say is just about impossible to lose... "Just about"

    Altaria is almost a necessity in this deck. Without it, you're stuck at a maximum 100 damage output, which isn't that bad, but you're decking yourself at the same time. Plus with Eviolite, you're actualy 3HKO'ing EX's, which isn't good, especially with Darkrai. Terrakion is nice in theory, but really, it causes you to have to run more Switch (starting liability), Energy Switch, and either Tool Scrapper or Plus Power. So, 1 Terrakion + 2 more Switch (in my case) + 2 Energy Switch + 2 Plus Power or Tool Scrapper = 7. 3-3 Altaria = 6. 4-3 Altaria = 7, but Altaria actually fits easier into the deck than Terrakion. And you wouldn't be taking Altaria out for Terrakion anyway; you'd have to take out seven cards like some of the Emolgas, Supporters, or Trainers. I say this from experience; I've played around with Terrakion a lot, but I've found one thing to be true. Generally, the most consistent list wins. I think that at this point, the only Pokemon to tech into Garchomp/Altaria would be Shiny Rayquaza because it consistently donks a lot more than just Tynamos, and it gets a boost from Altaria, so it can really be like a secondary attacker. And by the way, I'd say T3 what your looking at (with an Emolga start) would be something like the following: Draw into 1-2 Basics, and Call for Family so that you're Bench has 2 Gibles and 2 Swablus. (It may sound like a best case situation, but I have actually been able to pull this off consistently.) T2, Level Ball or draw into Gabite. If you have Rare Candy and can get the initiative with Mach Cut, Dragon Call for Garchomp. You may or may not have an Altaria in play at this point. If you don't get the T2 Garchomp, Dragon Call for all the Gabites you can play down, and then Dragon Call for one Altaria. Use Call for Family if necessary for a third Swablu is none of your Altaria line is prized. Otherwise, a third Gible. T3, Dragon Call for the remainder of your set up, and definately start attacking. The Altarias tend to stay in play longer than you give them credit for two reasons. 1) No Junk Arm. you have to actually draw into a Catcher to actually use it, and without Smeargle, that's just not as likely as it was last format. 2) You have Garchomp dealing at maximum 160 damage and at least one Benched Gabite to just Dragon Call more Altarias. Even with Catcher, there are other targets to consider. Eels is weak to Catcher, yet that was a top teir deck last format.

    Really? I'd actually like to look at the list if that's possible.
  18. TuxedoBlack Old School Player


    If I start with Stunfisk, I just continue attacking with Muddy Water while I setup. The 20-20 damage can provide some early "annoyance" to my opponent until he/she "deals" (i.e., KOs it or Catchers something else) with it.

    But its Rumble attack is what I found to be most effective, because my opponent can't retreat his/her active Poké! Garchomp-Altaria and Hydreigon-Darkrai EX decks "typically" do not run Switch. So, I can Catcher a Darkrai EX early, Rumble, and KO it next turn with a Garchomp. G-A decks setup faster than H-D decks, typically; so, if my opponent can't play a Max Potion, I can KO his/her wounded Darkrai EX.
  19. Mora Silently Chaotic


    That does make more sense, being able to lock Pokemon is the active spot. (I would be careful Catchering up Darkrai becuase of the Dark Patch/ Dragontrance thing, by the way.) I might test a one of, but the thing is it isn't searchable with Level Ball (Thankfully, I'm an outlier who uses Communication.), it has a large Retreat Cost meaning I'd have to hit a Switch or wait for four energy attachments before being able to use Mach Cut, and I'd still rather start with Emolga. I'll try it, but once the regular Rayquaza comes out (which I believe will be rather soon), I'll probably end up replacing Stunfisk for that. I do see how it would be useful now, it's just it's not my style; I'd rather have the full Bench.
  20. mahboi.michael Aspiring Trainer


    im buying a dragons exalted box and citys is in three days i havent finished my deck yet
    im poor what am i supossed to do if i cant get any catchers
    although i suggest putting a skyarrow bridge just in case you need to retreat a pokemon that isnt garchomp or emolga

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