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Discussion in 'Pokémon Trading Card Game' started by Mark East, Mar 14, 2018.

  1. Mark East Aspiring Trainer
    Mark East


    I am trying to to find a list of all the Full art trainer cards and the chronological order they were
    released--Thanks for your help!!

  2. steffenka Miss Vaanjie


    Are you looking for FA Trainer cards, FA Supporter cards or both?
  3. Mark East Aspiring Trainer
    Mark East


    FA Supproter cards - I am putting together a collection I want to make sure I have them all--
    Thanks for your help
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  4. steffenka Miss Vaanjie


    Here ya go!

    Noble Victories - N
    Boundaries Crossed - Skyla, Bianca, Cheren
    Plasma Storm - Colress
    Plasma Freeze - Professor Juniper, Ghetsis
    Plasma Blast - Iris
    Flashfire - Lysandre, Pokémon Fan Club, Pokémon Center Lady
    Furious Fists - Battle Reporter, Fossil Researcher, Korrina
    Phantom Forces - AZ, Lysandre's Trump Card, Xerosic
    Primal Clash - Archie's Ace in the Hole, Maxie's Hidden Ball Trick, Professor Birch's Observations, Teammates
    Roaring Skies - Wally, Winona
    Ancient Origins - Steven
    BREAKthrough - Brigette, Giovanni's Scheme
    BREAKpoint - Skyla
    Fates Collide - Team Rocket's Handiwork
    Steam Siege - Pokémon Ranger, Professor Sycamore
    Evolutions - Brock's Grit, Misty's Determination
    Alternate Arts - N, Hex Maniac, Blacksmith, Karen, Delinquent, Team Flare Grunt, Shauna
    Japanese XY Promos - Giovanni's Scheme, Here Comes Team Rocket!
    Sun & Moon - Ilima, Lillie, Professor Kukui, Team Skull Grunt
    Guardians Rising - Hala, Hau, Mallow
    Burning Shadows - Acerola, Guzma, Kiawe, Plumeria, Sophocles, Wicke
    Shining Legends - Pokémon Breeder
    Crimson Invasion - Gladion, Lusamine, Olivia
    Ultra Prism - Cynthia, Gardenia, Lana, Lillie, Looker, Lusamine, Mars, Pokémon Fan Club, Volkner
    Forbidden Light (Not Confirmed) - Bonnie, Diantha, Lady, Ultra Recon Squad, Wake
    Japanese SM Promos - The Masked Royal

    That should be all of them :)
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  5. Mark East Aspiring Trainer
    Mark East


    Wow--You are truly incredible!!--Thank you so much for taking the time to put the list together--
    I have been searching-- all over for this info --Thanks again so much!
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  6. AuraJackle Aspiring Trainer


    I have 30 must get more
  7. Mark East Aspiring Trainer
    Mark East


    Thanks to your list -- I see I am only missing 11 cards --
    except for that Japanese SM Promos - The Masked Royal--
    That card is awesome--It is over $1000.00
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  8. Articuno_Aria Articuno is UNO for a reason

    Forum Mod Member

    I'm collecting all the Sun and Moon series Supporters! I'm doing the regular, reverse, and full art. I have all of SUM base set, Guardians Rising, Burning Shadows and Crimson Invasion done. I'm about half way done with Ultra Prism, I just need the reverse and FA of Lillie, reverse Gardenia, reverse Looker, the new FA Lusamine and FA Cynthia
  9. bam1991dbz Aspiring Trainer


    Dude you rock! I am saving this list <3
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