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  1. D.N.A Aspiring Trainer


    Key Pokemon:
    Vanilluxe (RC 020)
    Victini (RC 009)

    Victini – Fire – HP60
    Basic Pokemon

    Ability: Victory Star
    You can use this when your Pokemon flip coins as part of an attack. Ignore all results of those coin flips and reflip from the beginning. You can’t use Victory Star more than 1 time during your turn even if you have multiple Victini in play.

    [R][C] Assist Power: 30 damage. Move all Energy attached to this Pokemon to 1 of your Benched Pokemon.

    Weakness: Water (x2)
    Resistance: none
    Retreat: 1

    Vanilluxe – Water – HP130
    Stage 2 – Evolves from Vanillish

    [W][C] Double Freeze: 40x damage. Flip 2 coins, this attack does 40 damage times the number of heads. If even 1 coin is heads, the Defending Pokemon is now Paralyzed.

    [W][W] Frost Breath: 60 damage.

    Weakness: Metal (x2)
    Resistance: none
    Retreat: 2

    Basically the idea is to get out Vanilluxe with Victini on your bench, and spam Vanilluxe's Double Freeze attack, with aid from Victory Star. You need to flip one heads out of four flips, which means there's a pretty good chance you'll paralyse the opponent. The only problem really is the opponent Catchering out your Victini.

    What are people's thoughts on what to put in the deck?

  2. dmaster Aspiring Trainer

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    Switch would most likely be looked at as a key counter to this strategy. It would make the combo completely fall apart.

    Plus, Catcher is completely stopped this way. Two Stage 2s is hard without built in draw, but I could _definitely_ see this deck performing decently using the "Ross engine" of using Twins and falling behind on Prizes deliberately.

    dmaster out.
  3. D.N.A Aspiring Trainer


    Yeah Vileplume was the other card that came to mind, in order to combat the trainers.
  4. Glace Top 8, Worlds 2013

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    I think someone mentioned VVV before. I think it's ok, because Vileplume and Vanillix are Stage 2s. Twins would be useful, but the problem I see is that there is still luck involved, and thatafter you ko a Pokemon, another one can come up and knock you out. After that, if your hand isn't great, you may have to give your opponent free prizes to set up and Vanillix.
    Dork Void


    There was a thread for this a while ago, I mentioned it there and I mention it now, Mew Prime is really nice for this strategy. Instead of having to set up a basic and 2 stage 2s you now have to set up 2 basics and a stage 2, greatly speeding up the deck. Using Mew should also give you room for back up attackers, which is handy.
  6. D.N.A Aspiring Trainer


    Mew would work, but would lower how many hits you can take, substantially. With Eviolite it would be dampened a wee bit...
    Dork Void


    That's like saying Gengar is better than Mewgar because Gengar can take more hits, speed is more important than bulk in this game, especially with Paralysis lock. Reshiram+PlusPower=dead Vanillish anyway so they will win if they take the first prize, which they very well could with a good decklist. With Mew, you'll be attacking sooner than the opponent unless they run ZPS or go first with Donphan/Yanmega. Mew is also handy because Zoroark can't paralysis lock you back. Especially with Eviolite allowing Mew to take an Earthquake or Sonicboom Mew is definately superior.
  8. crm103top08 Aspiring Trainer


    Just gonna throw this out there, my friend made top 32 at nationals with straight gengar prime, as where I don't know of a single mewgar that made tops.

    On topic, VVV may be a good deck with "ross" engine, as previously stated. You have to watch the possibility of your opponents evolving. ZOMGLETSADDARCHEOPS jkjk.
  9. Celebi23 Aspiring Trainer

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    I'd just like to summarize the VVV deck: you are trying to setup and furthermore swarm multiple Stage 2 Pokemon without trainers. In order to win with the deck you not only need to flip coins every turn but also flip a lot of heads. Your average damage output is 50 for 2 energy on a Stage 2. You're running 40HP basics.

    Take what you want from that - I'll take from it that Vaniluxe won't see play at the top tables. Stage 2 attackers have not been successful up to now and I don't see that changing with Catcher's release. Furthermore, Beartic is a Stage 1 with the same HP and it is almost as good as far as the attack. But it isn't flippy. I don't know about everybody else, but it's made even less appealing by the flips. After the horrible entirely luck-based (insert words I'm not supposed to post here) format that was Nationals, LCQ and Worlds, I'm done flipping coins for awhile. Even if there's a 93% chance of paralyze, a bad flip can cost you a game.
  10. D.N.A Aspiring Trainer


    All card games rely on luck, this deck just relies slightly more on it. In exchange, the opposition can't attack. (Relatively) High risk, high return.

    With Mew you don't even need Vanilites, you just Pokeball(/any other method of getting a Pokemon out of your deck) out Mew, Victini and Oddish, then Rare Candy out Vileplume, chuck a Vanilluxe in the Lost Zone and start spamming Double Freeze.

    Of course with Mew you don't get any super effective hits, but you also save a lot of time. You're almost better off using Vanilite and Vanillux (with Rare Candies), plus a few Mew, so that way you can use either the (relative) bulk of Vanil, or the speed of Mew.
    Dork Void


    Actually, Mew hits something very important super-effectively-Gothitelle. Doing 80 damage tops to Gothitelle means you can never OHKO it, and with Reuniclus they can keep moving damage away until you flip a bunch of tails. Mew on the other hand can OHKO Gothitelle with 2 heads due to weakness.
  12. scizorlicious Now with one fewer 's'


    Good luck playing PlusPower with a Vileplume in play.

    That said, I'd lean toward Vanilluxe as a main attacker for this deck, and here's why:

    You can give up prizes early-game and not worry.

    Think about it: Even if your opponent's taken 5 prizes by the time you have a Vanilluxe and Vileplume set up, your opponent can't really do anything. What you have to do is set up a second Vanilluxe (that shouldn't take too long) and put some Blissey or Seeker in your deck. Why? Nothing in this format, save Magnezone, can hit 130. No one plays any Metal types to get Weakness on you. All you do is set up Vanilluxe and attack until your opponent gets KO'd. After your opponent attacks (assuming your Vanilluxe would be 2-shotted), simply retreat to your other Vanilluxe (2 energy isn't a huge deal, mind) and start hammering away whilst healing (Blissey/Seeker) and attaching energy to the original Vanilluxe. You can achieve a never-ending chain of Vanilluxe to keep Paralyzing your foe until you get 6 prizes to 0.

    The problem, of course, is finding space for all this. You'd have to go nonexistant on recovery, and possibly thin on energy. The Traineer-lock does get open some room for Supporters, as Trainers won't be useful anyways, but it'd be a tight squeeze.
  13. sillykyle boop


    You can't use Eviolite if you're using Vileplume.
  14. D.N.A Aspiring Trainer


    Unless you get it out before Vileplume...
  15. scizorlicious Now with one fewer 's'


    Yeah, and then your Mew is KO'd. Honestly, 80 damage to OHKO isn't unreachable by any means. And anything meta can 2HKO it. So once you run out of the Eviolite you play before Vileplume - probably 2 at best - you're stuck with a 60 HP Pokemon attacking.

    Vanilluxe>Mew for the reasons I've listed in my previous post...
  16. Decmaster Always, somewhere, someone is fighting for you.


    Wow, this really put's VVV into the light for me. I was hyping it just like everyone else, but now that I look at this thread, I really see that it isn't as good as I thought. Well, I still have some thoughts on the deck.

    I think that Vanilluxe > Mew Prime, just like Scizorliscious. Why? It can take a hit from Reshiram/Zekrom. It also hits weakness on Donphan Prime. If you're worried about Gothitelle, you could tech in a Mew Prime, but as a tech. That's it.

    (Mostly the same reasons as Scizorliscious, too, but no one seems to be listening, and I just want to say that I second it)
  17. Rikko145 I put the "laughter" in "slaughter&


    1.) Zoroark, anyone? Lock your Vanillux active and KO it with its own attack after you KO their active.
    2.) Catcher? Catcher up the Victinis and/or any other thing that looks like an easy prize off the bench, and/or anything they can stick active long enough to become unparalyzed, at which point they can Catcher back to Vanillux and go for a KO.
    3.) Zekrom/Reshiram both can OHKO you. Once you knock out their active, they knock out yours.
    4.) Switch out of the active? A single, very common, Trainer can throw your entire deck down the tubes.
  18. Celebi23 Aspiring Trainer

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    Zoroark had better be running Victini...

    The idea is to use Vileplume so they can't play Catcher, PlusPower or Switch, which makes your last 3 points null. I'm not a fan of the deck either though.
  19. Rikko145 I put the "laughter" in "slaughter&


    There is NO mention of Vileplume in the OP, bro.
  20. D.N.A Aspiring Trainer


    That's generally why you read the whole thread, so you don't just post things that everyone else has already said...

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