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Expanded Dual Beatings (Zoroark GX/Magnezone)

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by TSA123, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. TSA123 stylo


    3x Zorua DEX
    1x Zorua BW
    4x Zoroark GX
    3x Magnemite BKT
    2x Magnezone PLS
    4x Tapu Lele GX
    1x Seismitoad EX
    1x Shaymin EX
    1x Sudowoodo GRI
    1x Exeggcute PLF

    2x Brigette
    2x Colress
    2x Lusamine
    1x Professor Sycamore
    1x N
    1x Guzma
    1x Karen
    1x Hex Maniac
    1x Ghetsis
    1x Delinquent
    1x Acerola
    1x Lysandre
    1x Plumeria
    1x Skyla

    4x Ultra Ball
    4x Puzzle of Time
    2x Rare Candy
    1x Computer Search
    1x Battle Compressor
    1x Choice Band
    1x Field Blower
    1x Float Stone
    1x Special Charge

    2x Sky Field

    4x DCE

    Notable Inclusions and Exclusions:
    1x Zorua BW: Having a Zorua that can do 30 damage is great, and Lunge can OHKO Night Marchers.

    -1 Pokemon Ranger: Doesn't seem too reasonable to tech against a tech. Even when you're playing against a Toad-centered deck, you only get to use it once if they have a consistent item-lock on you. This deck can easily outplay Toad.

    If you have any suggestions for the list, feel free to let me know!
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  2. gumball51321 *thumbs up*


    I would drop a Sycamore for Colress and find room for a Lusamine, maybe 2. Lusamine with Magnezone is ridiculous, since you literally get unlimited supporters(I meant throughout the course of the game, not that particular turn)if you play 2. And Colress is straight up stronger in Zoroark because of your huge bench. And you 100% want 3 Lele, even 4 would be great. If you read Kettler's article, he explained exactly why super high Lele counts are good, and he's right. If you play a Supporter based deck, why wouldn't you play high Leles? It also significantly heightens the chances of T1 Brigette by around 5-6%. Oh, and Foul Play is pretty lackluster. It's worthless against Whales and Night March, and you'd rather attack with Riotous Beating, because it's much easier to OHKO with that attack, plus if you had a 4th Zoroark, there's more draw power, more firepower, and harder to retaliate against with 210 HP.
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  3. TSA123 stylo


    After some testing, I completely agree with your suggestions.

    Here are some changes I have made to the deck:
    -1 Magnemite ULP
    -1 Zoroark BW
    -1 Rare Candy
    -1 Professor Sycamore
    -4 VS Seeker

    +1 Magnemite BKT (Free retreat is much better)
    +1 Zoroark GX
    +2 Tapu Lele GX
    +2 Lusamine
    +1 Skyla
    +1 Colress
  4. TSA123 stylo


    I thought of an interesting tech that can be used in this deck, and that is Cyrus Prism Star.
    The idea is to run Keldeo EX+Float Stone and then Rush In, Cyrus, Retreat. We could also use Cyrus alongside Seismitoad EX.

    Not to mention the other benefits of teching in Keldeo as well, such as a free switch each turn, the ability to Rush In out of poison from Lasers or Poison Barb, essentially free retreating a damaged Zoroark, etc.

    This is good because with this we could Lysandre+Cyrus, Cyrus+Hex, Cyrus+Toad, etc.

    If you're planning on running this (adding Keldeo), might I suggest these changes:
    -1 Shaymin EX
    -1 Magnemite
    -1 Zoroark GX (most lists run 4-3 anyway)

    +1 Keldeo EX
    +1 Float Stone
    +1 Cyrus Prism Star

    Another additional edit I made to the initial list was the removal of Pokemon Communication in order to add Battle Compressor. Battle Compressor seems so good in this list, being able to discard Exeggcute, Lusamine and a draw supporter (or Karen against NM)
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