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Alt. Format Diancie/ M Gardy/ Gardy GX Burning Shadows

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by CaptZero, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. CaptZero Aspiring Trainer


    Pokèmon; 20
    • 4 Diancie BRS (Burning Shadows)
    • 2 M Gardevoir EX GEN
    • 3 Gardevoir EX GEN
    • 2 Gardevoir GX BNS
    • 1 Kirlia BKT
    • 2 Ralts BNS
    • 2 Tapu Lele GX GRI
    • 1 Comfey GRI
    • 1 Cutiefly BNS
    • 1 Ribombee BNS
    Supporters; 12
    • 4 Professor Sycamore
    • 3 N
    • 2 Guzma
    • 1 Lysandre
    • 1 Brigette
    • 1 Fisherman
    Trainers; 16
    • 4 Ultra Ball
    • 2 Level Ball
    • 4 VS Seeker
    • 3 Rare Candy
    • 2 Rescue Stretcher
    • 1 Fairy Garden
    Energy; 12
    • 12 Fairy Energy
    Looking at the future of Pokemon I'm really excited for some of the new decks that could spring forth from the new set, Burning Shadows. This is the first deck that I thought of for this format, using Diancie to get the evolution train going and going fast while spreading Fairy Energies out along your bench empowering Brilliant Arrow and powering up Gardy GX on the bench to be not only an Energy accelerator but a second attacker. Running low on resources? Twilight GX will shuffle essential card back into your thinned-out deck allowing this deck to have an amazing late game.

    Diancie is basically the linchpin of this deck keeping it from being super clunky, and it kind of hinges on Diancie being able to T1 evolve Gardevoir EX, which I'm not even sure it can do. It also has a really rough MU against Metagross as you need 8 energy on the field (unless you find space for Choice Band) to one shot Metagross GX :(

    Anyways if anyone can think of a better method to go about this idea or a better idea please share! I love the new Gardevoir GX and I really think it has potential!

  2. acerizzo13 Reniart Gniripsa


    I've been playing M Gardevoir with Xerneas for some time now so I will be testing the new Gardevoir GX for sure when it comes out. I am designing the deck for post-rotation play without Vs Seekers and Trainers Mail which would benefit the deck if they were reprinted. So far here is the deck I have been thinking of:

    Pokemon: 19
    2-2-2 Gardevoir GX
    4 Diance
    3-3 M Gardevoir EX
    1 Tapu Lele GX
    1-1 Ribombee

    Supporters: 11
    4 N
    2 Prof Sycamore
    2 Guzma
    1 Fan Club
    1 Pokemon Center Lady
    1 Skyla

    Items: 15
    3 Spirit Link
    3 Ultra Ball
    3 Evosoda
    2 Wish Baton
    2 Exp Share
    1 Energy Recycler
    1 Field Blower

    3 Fairy Garden

    12 Fairy Energy

    There is a lot more to consider but the chief difference in our decks is that you plan to evolve Gardevoir EX to M Gardevoir and run no spirit link but then why run diance at all if it stops ends your turn either way. My plan is to evolve Ralts into Kirlia first turn if possible, or 2nd turn if I go first or don't have Diance start. This deck may require 2-2 ribombee or some prof letter's and wish baton and exp share may be to easily counter but only playtesting will find out.
  3. FlavorfulPineApl Favorite Deck: Vespiquen


    I hate 1-1 lines for anything, not too much if its a tech; but still very inconsistent. The deck looks nice, i dont really see a lot wrong with it. The only thing I would change is more Stadium cards.

    Nice deck and good luck!
  4. acerizzo13 Reniart Gniripsa


    I could go 2 prof letter and 1 more Fairy Garden and drop the ribombee line and the energy recycler.
  5. CaptZero Aspiring Trainer


    I have a few reasons for avoiding Spirit Links. First off is that I have to hold them in hand. I can't just pop them down early on to get them out of my hand. The second reasoning for going with T1 Diancie to evolve Gardy EX instead of Ralts is because I'm running Rare Candy, so as long as I get a Brigette first turn I'm really not too worried about it. I can also use the Diancie to search out and evolve Ribombee too.

    Eh, I see Fairy Garden as a last resort switch to conserve energy.
  6. acerizzo13 Reniart Gniripsa


    I think you overestimate how consistent your Diancie will be. Even if you run 4 of you only have a 40% chance of starting with it. Also you have to go second, and while your opponent would normally make you go second and you could choose to there will be times that they want 2nd so assume you get that 90% of the time. Now you also need to have a fairy energy in hand and a Gardevoir on the bench. The energy is really easy but if you are running Bridgette you would have to go for the 1 of option for Gardevoir EX. I'd say all of this happens maybe 25% of the time. Even then if all this goes perfectly you will only have 1 M Gardevoir that doesn't end your turn. I'm not saying that evolving the M Gardevoir turn 1 isn't nice, and when I play this deck it may happen and Iwon't be upset but I think it's foolish to go without spirit links and lose out on so many attacks throughout the game. Also, in my experience with Xerneas and Gardevoir Fairy Garden is not a last resort but rather a near essential tech for the deck as it is one of the strongest stadiums in the game right now.

    Edit: Agree that Fairy Garden is probably weaker in here maybe a 2 of line. Additionally you could still Diancie for M Gardevoir a later turn or give up you turn my M evolving, effectively the same thing anyhow. I believe the advantage of my deck is that you can swing with Gardevoir GX starting turn 2 or 3 for increasingly more damage. The biggest problem with Xerneas/ M Gardevoir was that it put no pressure on your opponent, but it energy ramped faster than most other decks in the format, that is the trade off here.
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