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Expanded Buzzwole/Lycanroc

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by TSA123, Mar 14, 2018.

  1. TSA123 e


    2x Buzzwole GX
    2x Rockruff GRI
    2x Lycanroc GX
    1x Lucario EX/Zygarde EX
    1x Carbink (Safeguard)
    1x Carbink BREAK
    2x Remoraid (Ion Pool)
    1x Octillery BKT
    1x Sudowoodo GRI
    1x Tapu Lele GX

    4x Professor Sycamore
    4x Guzma
    3x N
    2x Colress

    4x Ultra Ball
    4x Max Elixir
    3x Float Stone
    3x Choice Band
    1x Rescue Stretcher
    1x Wide Lens
    1x Computer Search

    3x Brooklet Hill

    4x Strong Energy
    9x Fighting Energy

    Zygarde EX: Golisopod (the reason why you really run Lucario over Zygarde) is slowly fading out of the meta in favor for Lonzoro. There aren't really any better grass mons, and with Espeon/Garb coming back, it may be favorable to run Zygarde over Lucario. Lucario can consistently one-shot Zoruas, though, unlike Zygarde, which needs a Strong Energy if there is no Stadium card in play.

    Wide Lens: This deck can have a tough matchup against Zoroark if you're not playing correctly. Foul Play Absorption and then a full bench + Choice Band Riotous Beating or Banded Foul Play Knuckle Impact is very tough to beat. You're going to want to KO 2 Zoruas in one turn if you possibly can, not to mention that a Strong Energy also one-shots a Foul Play Zoroark.

  2. TuxedoBlack Old School Player


    I too favor a Fighting deck for Expanded format play, but my deck features Landorus EX the predecessor to Buzzwole GX.

    Ideally speaking, IMO, you want to start with a Buzzwole GX to begin the 30+-30+ damage output terror as early as possible. So, why only run 2 vs. 4 to maximize your chances of starting with this Pokémon?

    The 1-1 Carbink line may not be that useful overall since opponents GX Pokémon can easily (and 1HKO) attack it. Consider replacing these 2 Pokémon with Special Charge, Energy Recycler and/or Energy Retrieval.

    Consider running Oranguru instead of Octillery since it is a bit easier to setup and could also be used as an attacker. Also, if you run 2 Oranguru, you'll have a greater chance of getting 1 into play vs. the 1 Octillery and you'll also free-up a card slot.

    Why no Korrina?? This Supporter was made exclusively for Fighting decks.

    Why no Acerola?

    Why no VS Seeker??

    I hope you find these comments helpful.
  3. TSA123 e


    Buzzwole isn't your ideal active starter. Personally I prefer Sudowoodo as the active with a float stone, buzz on bench, max elixirs and a draw supporter, so you can immediately begin charging up buzzwole. 2 is the standard amount of buzzwoles in expanded

    1-1 carbink wins you wailord and acceleration from the discard is much better than special charge, energy recycler etc

    Octillery is better than oranguru because you can get remoraid from brooklet hill and you can draw more cards. Rarely will you have a hand that contains less than 3 cards (when I play, typically I have 1-2 energy in hand)

    Korrina isn't needed because of brooklet hill

    No acerola because the expanded format is essentially OHKO format (other than decks like Aerodactyl lol)

    VS seeker makes you more susceptible to ghetsis
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2018

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