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Discussion in 'Pokémon Trading Card Game' started by IcySalamence, Feb 13, 2010.

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    can ya'll give me the best cards, i need an idea of what to use in my deck

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    Uh what do you mean by Supporter? The Supporter-Trainer thing or support cards in general, like techs.
  3. Seth1789110


    Well, the best draw support is Claydol GE and Uxie LA. The best supporter as in t/s/s engine is Roseannes Research, Bebes search, and Cynthias feelings. Others are pretty good, like Felicities drawing, Professor Oaks New Theory, Professor Elms training method, and so on.
  4. ErikH526 Time to tip the scales!


    Bebe's Search & Felicity's Drawing in Rising Rivals Drill Point Theme Deck
    Cynthia's Feelings & Rosanne's Research is in Supreme Victors Overflow Theme Deck
    Professor Oak's New Theory & Professor Elm's Training Method is in Heart Gol & Soul Silver Mind Flood Theme Deck

    I hope this helps you out!
  5. airconditioning herp derp


    Most of them are pretty good. Roseanne's Research and Bebe's Search are essential for searching for Basics and Evolution cards, respectively, and a must in every deck (although you may want to swap Roseanne's for Pokemon Collector, or Bebe's with Elm's Training Method depending on your deck). Run 3-4 of both. Others:
    • Professor Rowan and Oak's New Theory are great for hand refreshment. Go with Rowan if you find yourself stuck with THAT ONE CARD THAT YOU REALLY NEED THAT YOU REALLY DON'T WANT TO SHUFFLE BACK IN DON'T MAKE ME CHOOOOOOOOSE fairly often. Go with Oak's if not. Cynthia's is also nice, but situational. Copycat is kinda pointless with Oak's New Theory.
    • Felicity's Drawing and Professor Oak's Visit are great for simple drawing. Go for Felicity's if you like discarding, Oak's if you don't. Buck's Training is also kinda nice if you like Pluspowers. Volkner's is decent if you don't have Claydol.
    • Team Galactic's Wager and Looker's Investigation are awesome for disrupting your opponent. Go with TGW if you're good at Rock-Paper-Scissors, and Looker's if you're not.
  6. Lou Cypher The melody of your defeat
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    These are the best:

    - Roseanne's Research. The versatility of this card makes it so great, early game often used to seek out much needed basics, later to pull out that vital energy. Pretty much a staple.
    - Pokemon Collector. Some decks dont need the energy option Roseanne offers, but those are rare. A good second choice.
    - Bebe's Search. Seeking out any Pokemon in exchange of any card? Check please. Communication is a good rival but Bebe has several positives making it better then Communication one on one.

    You'll likely find a combination of at least 8 of those in every competitive deck.

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