Best Pokemon deck ratio?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trading Card Game' started by Card Slinger J, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. Card Slinger J Aspiring Trainer
    Card Slinger J


    What's the best number of Pokemon to run in a deck? 21, 24, or 26? I'm just curious that's all.

  2. Emperor ???


    It really does depend on the decks itself as most decks rely on a few certain pokemon to pull off a strategy but as a rough guess, i would say

    19-24 Pokemon
    24-?? T/S/S (what ever space you have left goes into this)
    11-14 Energy
  3. Juliacoolo Always happy to talk! Send me a message :)

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    Faster decks run more near

    20 pokemon

    30 trainers

    10 or less energy

    The trainers are the glue of any deck, and should almost always be the most abundant group.
  4. Soul Urusai Urusai Urusai


    Really depends on your deck. Flygon or Plox for example have some more like 25-27, other decks like SP might only run 20 down to 8-10 for Kricketune decks..if you ever face one.
  5. Vulpix Yolk the premise is that I am in the future
    Vulpix Yolk


    Since when has anyone ran a Kricketune deck ever? Anyway I run 24, but a lot of them are techs, Uxie Azelf Claydol Slowking Unown G Etc...
  6. The Legend 2nd At Nationals
    The Legend


    I think the average deck runs 20-26 pokemon. And ive never seen a kriatune deck because gyarados is better.
  7. qnetykz Q, Team GG's Rogue Squad Leader


    I'm inclined to agree more with this...but it really does all depend on the deck you're building and your particular playstyle
  8. King Arceus Aspiring Trainer
    King Arceus

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    When Mysteriuous Treasures was new and Dragon Frontier was still legal, Kricketune was played in my area. It won a BRs in my area. I got second at that one with something rogue.
  9. ThePokemonProfessor Mommy, I lol'ed my pants...


    That was b4 Gyrados came out tho :/
    It's the down-graded version of Gyrados from the past

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