Best place to buy Pokemon cards in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trading Card Game' started by Alexmon, May 24, 2010.

  1. Alexmon Spinarak Bait


    Where is the best place to buy cards in Edmonton? Thanks!

  2. STEREOCHILD Aspiring Trainer


    Chaos Gaming on the north side of town in the Clarview area is a decent place to by cards and they run a weekly leauge as well. If you can make it out to St. Albert there is a store Mission Fun & Games who again are a good place to buy and run a leauge.
  3. dooman58 Mudkips Win


    I live in calgary, and I head up to edmonton every now and then. When I go up, I just get packs at Wal-Mart.

    Here in CGY, I can get boosters for $3 each. :)

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