Best Metal to Invest In?

Discussion in 'Beachfront Hangout' started by SheNinja, May 11, 2013.

  1. SheNinja Mother Father Gentleman


    (Mods please move if this is in the wrong forum. Thanks.)

    Hello guys, looking for some advice. I was wondering, what is the best metal to invest in?

    Here are my possible investments:

    1. Silver
    2. Copper
    3. Gold

    I'm thinking about buying a lot of silver, then finding the pre-1982 95% copper pennies through circulation and hoarding those. Any other suggestions? Keep in mind that I'm just a poor teenager...

  2. Luckyfire Aspiring Trainer


    How to get rich quick:
    1. Keep all coins from your change.
    2. Check for any pre-1980 coins, and sort them out.
    2 1/2. If you find a 1976 quarter, keep it. It's really valuable.
    3. Save all of them until you're 18.
    4. Sell all and acquire money.

    I am currently in the process of step 2 1/2. Yeah, being a coin collector is awesome.
  3. SheNinja Mother Father Gentleman


    Why pre-1980?

    I believe I have some 1976 Quarters, but I think you mean 1956, those are silver.

    I'm still 1 Quarter away from all 100 State Quarters (Oklahoma D) D:
  4. Luckyfire Aspiring Trainer


    Anything post-80s is too common. I'm trying to limit my search so there's more space for older coins... and also so that I can save up as much as possible. Anything post-1980, I usually just chuck into my piggy bank.

    1946? I haven't even cracked into the 40s yet. They're extremely rare. The oldest coin I've found is only in the 1950s. Good luck trying to snag one of those.

    Quarters in the pre-60s are pretty rare, too, and I'm sure you can find bits of silver in those.

    As for the best metal... in my opinion, silver is the safest way to go. Copper rusts easily and gold can be stolen.
  5. SheNinja Mother Father Gentleman


    I have 8 silver coins so far, and 110 95% copper pennies. I'm going to save up my nickels as they are 75% copper and 25% nickel.

    I have a lot of pre-40's dimes. Just look lol.

    (The copper penny count didn't include my massive collection of wheat pennies. The silver coin count didn't include my grandma's.)
  6. Jungletoad Aspiring Trainer


    My grandpa has this Norwegian golden coin from 1887. It has an estimated value of around 3400$. Weird how a tiny chunk of gold can be worth so much money.

    It's quite fun to collect coins. I have some old silver coins myself. Probably not worth anything though :p
  7. SheNinja Mother Father Gentleman


    Of course the silver coins are worth much. Which ones?
  8. For pennies, this isn't the right reason. Pennies minted before 1982 are 95% copper, which is why they are collected. Everything after is primarily made of zinc with a copper coating.

    Also, I'd like to point out that the vast majority of coins in circulation today aren't worth anything more than face value, and if they are, they are either a) in poor condition, negating any value they would've had otherwise b) only worth marginally more than face value c) both.
  9. SheNinja Mother Father Gentleman


    Exception; Nickels. $0.1137 melt value per nickel, from 1946-Present.
  10. SheNinja Mother Father Gentleman


    I currently have 7.5 rolls of 95% copper 5% zinc pennies and I just started ~3 weeks ago ^_^

    This looks promising.
  11. SheNinja Mother Father Gentleman


    Currently working on finding nickels ^_^

    selling stuff for five cents just for the nickels instead of 25 cents ^_^
  12. SheNinja Mother Father Gentleman


    Something that I cannot fathom is why the 1976 Quarters are worth so much. I mean $5-8 for a normal Quarter what.
  13. Afro-G League of Legends: GabTheLacMan


    Isn't that the Bicentennial Quarter? Maybe because it's more unique than quarters of recent history? I honestly know just about next to nothing about coins and such, but it doesn't sound that crazy, unless these things were mass produced to know end. I mean, there's only so many copies anyway. On an interesting note, this is the only coin I've collected for no more reason than I thought they were kind of neat. Surprised to learn they worth more than their normal value.
  14. SheNinja Mother Father Gentleman


    Yep Bicentennial.

    I hate the way people think sometimes :(
  15. Afro-G League of Legends: GabTheLacMan


    Ummm, does this have something to do with what I posted? Whether it is or isn't, probably better to expand on a thought like that unless you think it's better left unsaid.
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    Right now Silver is dropping down a lot in price, so Gold would be the best metal to invest in, even though that's dropping too. (Gold used to be $1800 an ounce, but now it's more like 1100-1200 an ounce)

    It's better to save up a lot of Gold and Silver and then sell it all at once than selling it little by little and making less money, because that way when you find a price you like you can sell it s little below that.
  17. SheNinja Mother Father Gentleman


    Afro it is with the reasoning that the 1976 quarter is so valuable. It's not about your thoughts, it is about the general population as a whole.
  18. omahanime Come and visit me.

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    I can not recommend precious metals. Precious metals like most commodities are driven by speculation. One reason why gold went so high is all the end of civilization talk. People thought civilization ends they will need gold to barter with.

    For investments I prefer a dividend paying ETF. PokéBeach members might want stock with drip.
  19. SheNinja Mother Father Gentleman


    What is "stock with drip"?
  20. Athena Envoy of Mediation

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    DRIP = Dividend Re-Investment Plan. Basically speaking, getting stocks with a DRIP option means you can automatically reinvest your dividends to just get more shares instead of receiving your dividends as cash. Google can very likely tell you a lot more.
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