(Almost) all the deaths and near deaths in pokemon history part 2

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    I wil start off at 21, which is where i ended it in part 1
    21,22,23 Ash #7 & friends, banned porygon episode in season 1, something shoots at them with powerful rockets and missles, which is exploded far away, thanks to pikachu
    ***NOTE: FROM HERE ON OUT, I WILL ONLY BE TALKING ABOUT MOVIES. IF I MISSED ANYTHING, POST IT HERE W/ TH FORMAT THAT I HAVE USED, and please put a '.5' or whatever if it goes between 2 numbers.

    24 Deoxys, Destiny Deoxys movie, Deoxys is vaporized by Raquaza's extremely up close hyperbeam, it then took about 7 years to regenerate
    25 Ash #8, Manaphy movie, Ash drowns trying to put the sea crown back together, but then Manaphy revives him using telekinetic powers
    26 Sir Eric, Mysterious Mew & Lucario, he sacrifices himself to keep the 2 sides from fighting & detoying the castle
    27,28,29,30,31 Ash #9, May, Brock, Max, and a famous person, Mew & Lucario movie, they get eaten by the tree's 'antibodies', but then mew tells the tree to spit them back up
    32,33,34 Team Rocket,Mew & Lucario movie, same as Ash and friends in 28-31
    35,36 Mew and the Tree, mew and lucario movie,they start dying, but lucario sacrifices itself to save them and be with Sir Eric
    37 Lucario, mew and lucario movie, it sacrifices itself to save mew and the tree and to be with sir eric
    ** there is a lot of stuff in the lucario movie

    38 Darkrai, Darkrai movie, It tries to stop/stall Dialga and Palkia`s fighting long enough for Ash, Dawn, and Brock to pay the music to calm them down, he succeeds but is destroyed, but somehow is alive at
    the end of the movie
    39 Giratina, Giratina and the Sky Warroir movie, has his powers sucked out of him by the badguy's machine, almost dies, then is healed by Shaymin
    End of Part 2

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