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Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by crowfeather4, Jan 11, 2018.

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    Hi, I'm going to an Expanded League Cup coming up and I need some advice. I'm playing Night March, but currently do not have access to any Tapu Lele for the time of the event. What I do have, though, is Jirachi EX. Would Jirachi EX be a feasible substitute for the event, or would it be better to go without it completely? Note: I do have 1 Shaymin and a 2-2 Zoroark line.

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    I think Jirachi EX is fine since it accomplishes the same thing Tapu Lele does. It just has the downside of only having 90HP so you have to be careful with it.

    As an alternative, you can run a 3-3 Zoroark line instead. Most NM lists I've seen run 2-3 Shaymin EX. Since it looks like you only have one, you could supplement that draw power with another Zoroark. Just a thought!
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    Pass on the Jirachi. The 80 HP difference is HUUUUGE, so if you run 0 Lele, just play other consistency cards. If you know people that are going, borrow Shaymins from em'. Or just play a 3-3 Zoroark line like Houchins said

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