(4) Undaunted, Kanto Starters, Crobat Download, Sprouse Twins in Commercial [8/13]

Discussion in 'Front Page News Archive' started by Water Pokémon Master, Aug 13, 2010.

  1. Water Pokémon Master I like Pokemon more than you. :D
    Water Pokémon Master

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  2. Bawksie Livin' the large life


    First! haha.

    Sprous twins? Never heard of them.
  3. Ryu Shoji Aspiring Trainer
    Ryu Shoji


    I got the Togekiss, Smeargle, Espeon, Whirlwind Honchkrow, Slowking Prime and Umbreon Prime at my Pre-Release =3. Also, Togetic is awesome.

    As for the Kanto Starters...hmmm...what abilities would benefit them?
  4. pokefan1234 Creater of Garchomp C/Absol G!!


    Thanks WPM for the UD scans!
  5. Quedus Lost World, Lost metagame.


    Finally! All the scans! :)

    And WOW, my little brother watches "The Suite Life", and just when I thought I'd get away from those two, here they are on PokeBeach :(

    I really like the idea of being able to get the Kanto Starters, too. BUT, since it was stated that you will only have the Isshu-Dex until Elite 4 is beaten, will you still have to beat the Elite 4 to bring the Starters into B&W?

    LUL, "Po-KAY-mon"
  6. Serperior Playing PTCG competitively after a 7-year hiatus.

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    "Hi. I'm Cody Sprouse. I catch Po-kay-mon."

    Yes! The scans are finally up! :] On that note, I'm so glad to see that this set only has ten holos.

    Top five cards in this set are: (in no specific order)
    1.) Scizor Prime
    2.) Vileplume
    3.) Umbreon
    4.) Leafeon
    5.) Weavile
  7. oakbark Aspiring Trainer


    Hmm... what abilities might Dream World Kanto starters have? My guesses:

    Bulbasaur: Poison Point
    Charmander: Flash Fire
    Squirtle: Water Absorb
  8. ShayminSky I see what you did there...


    ^I'd also like to see the new abilities.

    The scans are awesome! I have an idea for a Dark deck now...
  9. sturtle Master of Awesome


    It's Cole Sprouse or Cody Martin. There is no in-between. And the Sprouse Brothers are awesome, I can't wait to see this commercial!

    Yay for UD scans.
  10. Meaty You can't deny that Psyduck is beast. I guess.


    Friday the 13th is already unlucky for pokemon... We had a very naughty "article" posted and We have yet another disgracing commercial for these games!!! It's bad if Disney comes anywhere close to pokemon... Not to mention they're about 5 months late too...

    I'd hate to be at Grinders on such an unlucky day as this!
  11. Zalman Player


    Give Charizard Intimidate and I'll be a happy fan. =)
  12. shiny umbreon ~Moving on with life~
    shiny umbreon


    It's very dumb to put dylan and cole on a pokemon ad just to make more money.
  13. YakobTheRed Blarghargharghargh!


    Heh, no Aggron... Weird.

    Also, grammar error on the Special {M}. It's missing a . after the "Ignore this etc if the defending Poke isn't {M}"
  14. RangerX Hands off my Pokémon!


    Lol wow ok The Twins really Nintendo the can't even Say Pokemon right "Po Kay Mon"....-.-

    I give them everything i Own if the can name 10 Pokémon

    Any love the Scan's WPM Thanks
  15. Redneck I actually do have a shiny Ditto. Bloop.


    >_> Never a fan of those twins, but I thought the part where he put his "po-kay walker" on the other dude was kinda funny.

    Anyways, what does "at Worlds" mean? I honestly have no clue, it's not Wi-Fi, right? The Crobat distribution?

    And here's hoping a Blastoise with Swift Swim ;)
  16. Futa Aspiring Trainer


    "At Worlds" means at the 2010 Pokemon World Championships.

    And the commercial is at least 6 months late.
  17. ShayminSky I see what you did there...


    They are fans of the series, and they were offered a commercial. I don't see what's wrong with it.
  18. ManhattanTheStarr :<>


    And they call themselves long-time Nintendo fans... They can't even say Pokemon right.
    "Po KAY mon?" That just sounds person. xD I still like the Sprouse twins, though. :p
  19. dmaster Aspiring Trainer

    Elite Member Advanced Member Member

    Lol Po-KAY-mon. That's...funny. I hate them anyway. They're boring and unfunny clones of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Meh, all young celebrity twins suck. There, covered my bases.

    The Crobat is cool. I wish I could go there and get it, but I'll be able to get whatever Pokemon they give out next year. :D I wonder what other abilities the Kanto Starters will have, but I'm happy because those abilities were getting boring on the starters. All of the scans look great. Just another week until my Pre-Release lol.

    dmaster out.
  20. Dizzard Aspiring Trainer


    If Charmander has Flash Fire and Squirtle has Water absorb then Bulbasaur might have that new ability Herbivore (I think it absorbs grass attacks)

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