(1) The Top Cards of ‘Plasma Storm’ [2/16]

Discussion in 'Front Page News Archive' started by Water Pokémon Master, Feb 16, 2013.

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  2. Pokerocks Aspiring Trainer


    I think some of the top cards of plasma storm are Lugia EX, Articuno EX,Crobat and Colress
    and of course hypnotoxic laser
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  3. Rally Aspiring Trainer


    This is the season of items, but I'm suprised you did not include Weezing? I find this card helpful when there is Pokemon on there bench that need that little 20 damage to finish it. And the Aftermath Pokepower is helpful too, discarding three cards off the top of your oppenents decks when it faints, and Crobat, also helpful, which move Ultra-Toxic Fang gives you the chance to put 4 extra damage counters on the opponent between turns.
  4. blargh257 The Second Opinion


    So I start reading the article.
    "After its Nats victory, Klinklang was the deck to play."
    "Blend WLFM"
    "But with the release of Dark Explorers, it was replaced by the Dark Patch/Hydreigon engine."
    ...that's not right either...
    "Pokedex Handy910is"
    ohhh, that was GOOD stuff.
    "Scramble Switch is controversially the best ACE SPEC..."
    I don't think that's right either.

    Very insightful though, nice job.
  5. exdarkrai01 Aspiring Trainer


    Plasma Storm has so many cards that have "fundeck-type" abilities, that it would have taken too long, so our focus were the more popular cards from the set. You are the first person that I have heard that's said a thing about Weezing since the release of the set.
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  6. Pokepower22 UK Nats 2012 Senior Winner


    Really nice Article, one thing that I noticed though:
    "Also, this card gets OHKO’d by Cobalion-EX"
    Cobalion EX's Steel Bullet attack reads this:
    "This attacks damage isn't affected by Weakness,Resistance or any other effects on the Defending Pokémon"
  7. Pokerocks Aspiring Trainer


    What do you guys think about ability magnezone?
  8. sid18 Aspiring Trainer


    Just a point in the ArticunoEX section, it doesn;t get 1 shotted by CobalionEX since CobalionEX's 100 damage attack doesn;t apply weakness, also (and I'm not saying the deck is great) but when the opponent has the 1 off KeldeoEX tech, if you catcher and Paralyze it then you can usually take it out easily enough and the problem is gone, so it;s only really the KeldeoEX/Blastoise decks that pose a big threat.

    Also on a side note with having to attack Plasma Energy to ArticunoEX anyway a Plasma Frigate tech would remove it's weakness and also give you a Stadium to use to remove the opponent's Virbank City Gym.

    At the moment Colress is useful in high numbers in most decks as most currently run Tropical Beach so if you only have a Colress early on and your hand does need reshuffling then using colress down to 1-2 and Beach for 7 is just fine.
  9. flilix emerald's trainer


    Yes, crobat can be good in combination with virbank city gym.
  10. fable19 Aspiring Trainer


    What's about Gallade? I think Gardevoir-Gallade could be an intresting deck since it doesn't rely on an ex hitter.
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  11. Flys Gone 2071 Also known as Flygon2071
    Flys Gone 2071


    I really liked the article. It includes the playable cards and he over-hyped cards. I would like to see Crobat's article. All the good cards were included and it was pretty good.

    @fable19 Gardy-Gallade isn't very good. 2 Stages 2 is pretty bad. Gallade might work with eels or Ho-oh.
  12. Riskbreakers The Brilliant Star☆


    If you want a very quick opinion on Crobat, on theory it's a very playable card only hampered by the fact that it's Stage 2 and there are still ways to get around poison. What Crobat needs are backup heavy hitters to deal damage without overrelying on it's poison. By the way of this format is working, you can easily pair Crobat with those Big basic EXs and get away with it. It might work as a neat fun deck that can do well in tournaments as well.
  13. Flys Gone 2071 Also known as Flygon2071
    Flys Gone 2071


    Thanks. That's all I wanted to know.
  14. pokedan24 Aspiring Trainer


    Wow Japan players really know how to take advantage of interesting cards (ie Amoonguss)

    Infernape would have been a boss if it weren't for the EXs (or even Reshiram for that matter).

    I just realized that Victini EX can one shot a cobalion EX with it's ace spec.

    I think Articuno's first attack is the better one, especially in a Kyurem deck.

    I tried Rotom online. It's a cool card, but it never worked out for me. I never had a spare energy to discard (then again, I run four DCE). Second attack has donking potential.

    I have no problem with Klinklang decks... but that's because I don't play EXes.

    Cobalion is cool. Nothing broken, it's just a solid card that can be helpful in many situations. We need more cards like that.

    Glad White Kyurem got a mention. It's overshadowed by BK, but it's still a strong card on it's own. Better than Regigigis (sp?)

    Lugia will be ridiculous once we get Deoxys EX.

    Bicycle will make it much easier for decks that need to get a lot of cards out at once.

    Colress is a bit overrated. There are times when it's the worst thing you could possibly draw.

    Colress Machine machine on the over hand... Broken.

    I'm glad someone pointed out how escape rope can backfire. I'd personally rather run switch since there's no chance I'll end up helping my opponent.

    As for Scramble switch, I'm sold. I think it might be better than computer search or dowsing machine. At worst it's a switch, which already a staple, but at best it can completely turn the game around and catch your opponent off guard.
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  15. Riskbreakers The Brilliant Star☆



    I was the one who wrote Escape Rope. I have played old formats before and yeah, sometimes Warp Point does backfire so it deserved a mention. Normally a deck can run 3 switch, 1 rope or something like that.
  16. fable19 Aspiring Trainer


    2 stages 2, but with the same basic (a tynamo with 60 HP...)
    A pokèmon line like
    2 sigilyph
    2 giratina
    2 mewtwo ex

    with 9/10 P and 3/4 DCE have enought space for 28/29 Trainer/supporter and stadium (tropical?).
  17. daoneandonly Pokétuber


    I think it's weird Lucario didn't get a mention. I can see him becomming a great 2-2 line in either a Klingklang deck (with an addition of Blend) or any Landorus deck.
  18. exdarkrai01 Aspiring Trainer


    Because Gardevoir is a 110HP Stage 2. For Gallade to be useful you have to have Gardevoir out, which you will need to stream, which you won't be able to do successfully. I have tested it, and it doesn't work. You would think running 2 Stage 2s off the same evolution line is good, but in reality its bad. Your most precious resource in a deck should never be your basic. There important, but with no Ralts you literally have no deck. Imagine games where you prize 2 Ralts (trust me you do prize 2 of your basic more than you would think). Gardevoir/Gallade just doesn't work, as good as the idea is. Like I said earlier in this thread, its a cute fundeck idea, but Secret Sword just eats it alive as does a Night Spear with a Dark Claw
  19. fable19 Aspiring Trainer


    I've tested it too and it's a very solid deck.
    Make a t2 gardevoir is as easy as make a t2 blastoise.
    For a Keldeo/Darkray killing a gardevoir means that a mewtwo have a free 2-hit ko (2 prizes for 1), not considering that with rescue scarf and super rod gardevoir it's on the board almost every turn.
    On the other hand gardvoir doesn't have to be your very first pokèmon. In fact the right way to use the deck is to consider Gardevoir only as a way to score an easy ko with Mewtwo/Gallade by doubling the energies on the field in one turn.

    We can discuss this in another topic :)
  20. Riskbreakers The Brilliant Star☆


    Fact is, it's not going to make the huge impact. You also have to make sure your sample size while testing are accurate (meaning good players with meta decks)
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