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pokemon tower defense codes

I know there is already a thread about pokemon tower defense but this thread is specifically for codes. If you have any codes from the updates please post them here.

Here are a few codes im gonna get
shiny mew (code not known yet waiting for email)
shiny pikachu (waiting for email)
code to turn your starter pokemon shiny (waiting for email)
code for 30,000 poke money (waiting for email)

If you want those codes since i paid for them you have to either battle me or trade something good on pokemon white, diamond, or platinum

Don't forget to help out Venusaur in Hurt/Heal
I give credit to Umbreon/Espeon for the banner

[Image: 2pys36e.png]

Plz help me with my pokemon
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RE: pokemon tower defense codes

Adan, if you are receiving these codes after buying Ninja-ja, they will only work for you. In other words, inputting the codes you get will only allow you to get the special pokemon, and no-one else. You see, if the codes were always the same, people will share them for free and this would take away the incentive to purchase Ninja-ja. Wink

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05-10-2011 03:27 PM
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RE: pokemon tower defense codes

This subject can get discussed in the other thread. Timeshift is probably right about the codes.

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