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PokeBeach Forums Rules & Info

The PokéBeach Forum Master Document
Everything you need to know about PokéBeach Forums.

The PokéBeach Forums Rules
By: Water Pokémon Master, Shining Raikou
Last Updated: December 5th, 2013

The forum rules below must be followed in every section of the forums. Please read and understand all of them before making any posts on PokéBeach Forums. If you have any questions about the rules, feel free to PM a staff member.

PLEASE NOTE that many forums on PokéBeach have additional rules listed in a stickied thread in that forum. Please read those rules as well before posting in that forum, as failure to do so may result in consequences.

The moderating team will determine whether or not you have broken any of these rules in one or more of your posts or actions. You may not think you broke a rule, and you are free to argue that you haven't so long as you do so respectfully and in private. However, the moderating team has the final say. For the discussion of a warning or a thread lock, PM the mod who warned you or locked the thread. If you ever have an issue with a moderator/super moderator and feel it is going nowhere, please PM Shining Raikou or Drohn.

If you aren't sure if a post or topic is appropriate, check with a staff member before posting.

If you have any questions regarding these rules, please feel free to PM a Super Moderator (red username) or Admin (blue username).

1. PokéBeach Forums Content Policy

As of November 12th, 2012, we are a PG-13 forum. Content here may be unsuitable for children. If you are posting on these forums, we will assume you are 13 years of age or older, or have parental permission to be on these forums. If you are not 13, please ask your parents before logging on.

For information about what a PG-13 policy is, please look here.

Additionally, we are an English speaking forum. Any post you do on the forum needs to be in English.

2. Be respectful and have a positive attitude. Do not troll/flame.

Have a positive attitude. This means you should NOT:
  • Bash, insult, flame, attack, or troll anyone on this site.
  • Be elitist, annoying, or arrogant.
  • Show negativity or hatred toward the site, or anyone on this site. Skepticism is okay, but try to be constructive instead of destructive. Be aware of the tone of your posts at all times. You should not be negative for the sake of being negative. We have zero tolerance for those who just like to spread negativity.
Members who break this rule will generally receive a 30% warning for two weeks or a 50% warning for one month, depending on the severity of the offense.

3. Do not spam.

Spamming includes:
  • Posting messages with little to no intellectual value ("hi there ur cool i like your deck").
  • Posting messages that have no relevance whatsoever to the topic at hand.
  • Posting the same message multiple times.
  • Posting information that is blatantly false.
  • Posting in a language other than English.

If you feel your topic was locked in error, contact a Super Moderator or the Forum Administrator.

Members who break this rule will generally receive a 40% warning for one month.

4. Use proper spelling and grammar.

Make sure all of your posts have proper spelling and grammar. Posts that lack proper spelling and grammar make you look bad, and hurts people's eyes. It's definitely not the way to make a good impression here. Mozilla Firefox has a spell checker built into its web browser. If you're going to use another browser, be sure to double check your spelling and grammar.

Members who break this rule will generally receive a 30% warning for two weeks.

5. Do not advertise other sites.

PokéBeach has specific rules about what is considered advertising and what isn't.

You may NOT:
  • Link to any Internet forum other than PokéBeach (exceptions listed below).
  • Link to any website's content which is similar to content on PokéBeach (we want you to use PokéBeach's content, not content from other sites).
  • Link to a Pokémon website you own or work for.
  • Mention or link to illegal software, hacking tools, or ROMs.
You may:
  • Link to a website not related to Pokémon or any YouTube channel as long as it will encourage intelligent discussion and/or is related to a topic being discussed.
  • Link to a forum with over 5,000 members in your signature or profile.
  • Link to another Pokémon website for relevant discussion purposes if you provide a link AND quote the relevant material (as long as said content isn't on PokéBeach).
Members who break this rule will generally receive a 50% warning for one month.

6. Unallowed content.

Posting inappropriate content (as decided by forum staff), in any form, will not be tolerated. This includes:
  • Nudity/pornographic material
  • Heavy cursing. Please do not cuss people out, or overuse curses.
  • Drug/Alcohol/Tobacco use
Furthermore, many topics are prohibited on PokéBeach. You may NOT:
  • Make new/returning member introduction threads.
  • Discriminate against a group, ethnicity, etc.
  • Religious, political, and similar topics ARE okay as long as they do not attack a specific group.
Members who break this rule will generally receive a 40% warning for one month.

7. You are only allowed to have one account and must be responsible with it.

You are only allowed to have one account on these forums. Never register another account for any reason. If you have trouble logging in to your account, email [email protected]

If you have siblings who want to register an account, you must notify a Super Moderator before or right after the sibling registers since you will be sharing the same IP address. If you do not notify us, we will think you are making another account for yourself.

You, and you alone, are responsible for your account and anything that happens on it.

Members who break this rule will generally be IP banned forever.

8. Threads must have a sensible title.

When creating a new thread, make sure the thread's title gives a clear and specific idea of its contents. For example, never name a deck thread "Best deck ever" or name a thread asking a question, "Can you help me?" Give them specific titles.

Members who break this rule will generally have their thread renamed to an appropriate title and be notified of the change. If it becomes a reoccurring problem, a 20% warning per instance will be issued.

9. Do not "mini-mod".

You may not scold another member for breaking the forum rules or tell them to change a post they made because it breaks the rules.

If you see a post that violates any of the rules, you should use the [Image: postbit_report.gif] (report) button that is below each post. This button immediately notifies all mods that someone is possibly breaking a rule. You may also report mods if you felt they did something wrong by sending a PM to Shining Raikou or Drohn.

Members who break this rule will generally receive a 30% warning for four weeks.

10. Do not attempt to impersonate another person or user group.

Do not copy anyone's artwork, stories, writing, etc. without their permission. This includes work from other websites. This is considered plagiarizing. Never copy another member's avatar and use it as your own. In addition, never use a staff member's avatar. You may not impersonate or pretend to be in usergroups you are not a part of.

Members who break this rule will generally be warned 30% and the image(s) in question will be removed.

Consequences for Breaking Rules

If you break a rule, you will be warned unless otherwise noted in the rules above (for example, in the case of creating more than one forum account, you will be banned automatically). If your warning level reaches 100%, your account will be permanently banned and you won't be able to read any forum, except one...

Banned members will only be able to access the "Ban Appeal Forum." There, you can explain why you broke the rules and how you will change. If you convince the mods that you understand what you did wrong and that you will change, you will be allowed back on the forums. Otherwise, your account will remain banned forever. Note that it is extremely hard to be unbanned, so try not to reach a 100% warning level in the first place. As long as you follow the rules above, you should never receive a warning in the first place!

For your reference, the following is a copy of the message banned members will see in the Ban Appeal Forum.

Quote:Welcome to the Ban Appeal Forum! These rules will explain what you can do to lift your PokeBeach forum ban. Please read everything word-for-word and follow the instructions or you will remain banned. If you cannot follow these simple instructions, we will not unban you.

First, reflect on why you were banned from the forum. While we as humans often view the world through our own unique perspective, is it possible you were doing something that others might consider offensive? Did you say something to another member that you would never say to your grandmother? Did you have an overall negative, aggressive, elitist, annoying, sour, or disrespectful attitude? Did you demonstrate a lack of intelligence, use poor grammar and spelling, or have overall shallow, spammy, trashy, or useless posts? Or were you simply not following the forum rules?

If you are steamed, it is best to wait a day or so before proceeding. If you blow this chance, we will not allow you back on the forums. Please keep this process professional and civil. If you have read the above and understand, please proceed:
  • Please create a thread in this forum by [clicking here] - title it with your exact username and the date of your ban in parentheses [ex: Water Pokemon Master (6/30/2011)]. If your ban date is unavailable, guesstimate. In the first line of your thread, copy and paste your ban reason.
  • If you understand why you were banned, explain in at least a lengthy paragraph why you were wrong and what you will do to change. If we feel you have learned your lesson (and you will need to effectively communicate that you have), your ban will either be lifted immediately or after a predetermined amount of time (depending on the severity of your offense). The mods will often respond to your thread and speak with you too, so be sure to check your thread regularly.
  • Alternatively, if you do not understand why you were banned, or would like to protest your ban, you are free to voice your concerns, questions, and thoughts in the same manner. After all, we want everyone to be at an understanding and to improve! However, keep in mind that most offending members are banned rightly so. So, if you were banned for a legitimate reason and blindly fight against your ban, we will not allow you back on the forums.
  • Do not contact any mods about your ban. Do not e-mail us, PM us, instant message us, etc. You are to conduct yourself exclusively through your thread. If you contact us outside of your thread, we will not lift your ban.
  • Do not discuss the contents of your thread with anyone. The thread is to remain strictly between yourself and the mods. If we find out you have, you will remain banned.
After we review your thread, we will let you know if you will be allowed back on the forum by either lifting your ban or telling you how long you will be banned for.

Keep in mind that if you are banned again after having told us that you will improve, the chances of us letting you back on the forums will drop dramatically, minor offense or not. Also note that if we unban you and you immediately repeat your mistakes, you will be banned permanently and without question.

Thank you, and we hope we see you back on the forums soon! Smile
07-14-2011 07:31 PM
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RE: PokéBeach Forum Rules & Info

Newbie Guide
Maintained by Shining Raikou
Last Updated: December 24, 2012

Welcome to PokéBeach! This forum was created by Water Pokémon Master in 2006 to discuss all reaches of the Pokémon fandom. This guide was designed to help new members learn how to use our forum's various functions.

Section One: How To Use Your User Control Panel (User CP)

Your User CP can be found here. The User CP allows you to control every aspect of your account. Let's break down each of the controls.

  • Compose
    Using this page, you can send private messages (PMs) to anyone on the forums (spare banned members, of course). It's like sending an e-mail to another member, except it's on a forum.
  • Inbox
    View the private messages that you have received, sent, recently deleted, or saved as drafts.
  • Tracking
    This page is useful because it tells you if someone has read the private messages you have sent.
  • Edit Folders
    Folders are great for keeping messages like trading PMs organized. You can move as many of your messages as you want to folders you create.

Your Profile
  • Edit Profile
    Here you may customize your profile page to your liking. Your profile page is your way of showing off your personal information, such as your signature, your interests, your favorite aspects of the Pokémon fandom, etc. Your profile can be viewed by anyone, so be cautious about what information you provide. Also, do not post anything in your profile that is against the forum rules. You can view your profile by clicking the "Profile" link to the right of Horsea. Profile Comments can be left on your profile page by any member of this forum (except banned ones). You can reply to profile comments by hitting "Reply" underneath the member's name on a comment. The reply will then be posted on their profile page. Profile comments should not violate any of the forum rules. If there was a questionable comment left on your profile, PM a moderator to report it.
  • Change Password
    Change your account's password.
  • Change E-mail
    Change your account's e-mail address.
  • Change Avatar
    Avatars are the pictures that appear below your username on each post. This is where you can upload your avatar. Avatars cannot be larger than 150 x 150 pixels.
  • Edit Signature
    Signatures appear under each member's posts, typically displaying your username or a small blurb. Signatures can include 1 image and up to 500 characters. The maximum size for a signature is 680 x 250 pixels. If a signature is any larger than these dimensions it will get cut down. You can view the dimensions of an image by right clicking it and selecting "Properties" or "View Image Info" (depending on your Internet browser).
  • Edit Options
    This is where you edit more account options, such as if you want other members to see you in the "Who's Online" list, messaging and notification options, date and time options, forum display options, thread view options, etc.

  • Usergroups
    This page shows which usergroups you are apart of. There are several different user groups ranging from "Registered" to "Administrator." For the most part, most people are simply "Registered" members, so you shouldn't have to worry about this page.
  • Buddy/Ignore List
    Here you can add buddies to your buddy list or add people to your ignore list. Your buddy list can be used to show when your friends are online or as a quick access to your friends' profiles. Your ignore list can be used to prevent you from seeing certain members' posts and PMs (if those people bug you).
  • Manage Attachments
    Using this page, you can view all of your attachments.
  • Saved Drafts
    Here, you can view your saved drafts and edit them.
  • Thread Subscriptions
    This is where you can view all threads you have subscribed to.
  • Personal Notepad
    Use the notepad to save notes. No one can read it except you.

Section Two: Basic MyCode

MyCode is a form of coding used as a replacement for HTML, which is more complicated. You can use this to insert images, links and add color to your posts. You can also quote what other members said, etc. Let's begin.

Basically, all myCode codes have "tags", one at the start to begin the code and one at the end to close it.

Bold, Italics, and Underline
You can edit your text with bold, italics, or underline. All are used to put emphasis on a word or phrase. Overusing any or all of these can be considered disruptive and you will be reprimanded for it, so please use them only when appropriate.

To bold your text:
[b]Text here[/b]
It will look like this: Text here

To italicize your text:
[i]Text here[/i]
It will look like this: Text here

To underline your text:
[u]Text here[/u]
It will look like this: Text here

Strikethrough is used to cross out text.

To cross out your text:
[s]Text here[/s]
It will look like this: Text here

You can align your text in three ways: left, center, and right. Text is aligned to the left by default.

To align your text in the center, use:
[align=center]Text here[/align]
It will look like this:
Text here

To align your text to the left or right, replace "center" in the above code with "left" or "right".

Closing your align tags will automatically align your text to the left.

You can add many different colors to your text. An example is given here. You are welcome to use color in your posts. However, using colors that are not easily readable will get you in trouble.

To make your text red:
[color=red]Text here[/color]
It will look like this: Text here

Combining MyCode
You are not limited to using just one piece of MyCode per word or phrase. By combining them, you can create your own unique style of text. To combine MyCode, just put all the codes next to each other. Make sure you close all your tags, or your posts will get messed up. Below is an example.

[b][s][color=blue]Here is an example of combining MyCode[/color][/s][/b]
It will look like this: Here is an example of combining MyCode

If you want to show what someone else said in your post, you can either use the " "" quote " button at the bottom of anyone's post to automatically put that person's post in quote tags, or you can type it out yourself.

To quote text:
[quote=USERNAME GOES HERE]This is what they said[/quote]

It should look like this:
USERNAME GOES HERE Wrote:This is what they said

A hotlink is text that contains a link to another page. Clicking the hotlink will take you to the page. Linking to inappropriate or disallowed sites will result in a warning or ban, no questions asked.

There are two ways to make a hotlink. First, you can put the link between some URL tags, like the following:

Should look like this:

You can also choose to make the link a separate word or phrase that will still take a user to your chosen link. To do this, put the URL of the site you want the person to visit inside the first URL tag, preceded by an equal sign. Then, where you would normally put your link, just put your word or phrase. Then close the URL tag as normal, and there you have it. See below:

[url=www.google.com]This link takes you to Google's home page[/url]
It should look like this:
This link takes you to Google's home page

Bulleted Lists
If you want to make a list in your post look spiffy, use this.

To make a list with bullets:

It should look like this:
  • Oshawott
  • Suicune
  • Buneary

Numerical Lists
This is similar to making a list with bullets, but numbers are used instead.
To make a list with numbers:

It should look like this:
  1. Luxray
  2. Buizel
  3. Dragonair

You have the option to insert images into your post. However, excessively large images can be considered disruptive. To avoid this, provide a link to your image instead. All images posted must be suitable for all ages.

To insert an image into your post, put the image link inside img tags:

In your post, the actual image appears:
[Image: logo.gif]

Image Hotlink
Similar to creating a custom text hotlink, you an also use a picture. Instead of putting a custom word or phrase in the URL tags, put the img tags inside the URL tags. See below for an example.

To make an image hotlink:

It will look like this:
[Image: logo.gif]

Now instead of text taking you to a different page, an image is used instead.

Custom My Codes

Tables can be useful for displaying information. To create one follow this:
[table][tr][td]Row 1 Cell 1[/td][td]Row 1 Cell 2[/td][/tr][tr][td]Row 2 Cell 1[/td][td]Row 2 Cell 2[/td][/tr][/table]

It will look like this:
Row 1 Cell 1Row 1 Cell 2
Row 2 Cell 1Row 2 Cell 2

Each new cell is started and stopped with [td]. Each new row is started and stopped with [tr].

Profile Linking
Linking to profiles is very helpful in contests or tournaments. To do this:
[member]Shining Raikou[/member]

It will look like this: Shining Raikou

Note that if a member has an accented e in their name, you will need to replace that with

Thread Linking:
This is a much easier way to link to threads,
[thread]Thread Title[/thread]

Master Cup

Note that special characters must be replaced with the correct encoding.

Quick Sprites:
This is a quick way to get a small sprite if needed. Put the Pokedex number of the Pokemon in sprite tags.


It will look like this:

Inserting Polls
When creating a thread, you have the option to make a poll. When making a thread, at the bottom, there would be a picture like this:
[Image: Cropped%20poll%20screenshot.png]
Follow the instructions.

Inserting Attachments
Each post can also have an attachment added to it. As you can see, at the bottom of this very post, there is a thing that says "Thumbnails" and there is a small picture there that links to a bigger picture. The size limit is 500kb. To insert an attachment, when making a post/thread, look near the bottom.

Click "Browse" to upload a picture in from your computer.

To experiment more with MyCode, check out this picture describing the buttons displayed when you create a new thread or decide to fully edit a post.

[Image: 14tngnt.png]

Section Three: Forum Terminology

In this section, you will find words that are used only in online environments or our forums.

PM: Private Message
Thread: A thread contains posts, where a member can post.
Post: An individual reply to a thread.
Lock: The act of formally closing a thread to stop any further discussion.
Sticky: A moderator can sticky a thread so that it will always stay on top of other threads. Only important threads are stickied.
Spam: A post that is absolutely useless. Posting spam is an offense.
Flaming: Insulting another member. This is an offense.
Mini-modding: Telling another member that they are breaking the rules. This is an offense. Please use the report button on any post to let all moderators know someone is breaking a rule instead of taking matters into your own hands.

Section Four: Forum Hierarchy

The Forum Team page lists all of the current staff members here at the PokeBeach Forums.

The webmaster, Water Pokémon Master, has absolute power over PokéBeach.com. They run every facet of the main site and have the final say in all decisions. He consults the Super Moderators and Moderators to learn more about individual parts of the forum, forum morale, and forum members.

The administrator, Shining Raikou, has absolute power over the PokéBeach Forums. He runs every facet of the forum and have the final say in all decisions. He consults the Super Moderators and Moderators to learn more about individual parts of the forum, forum morale, and forum members. He sets the rules and guidelines.

Moderators can warn and ban members as well as edit any member's title, basic information, and signatures. They are delegated to individual forums that they patrol and moderate. If you have any questions regarding a specific forum, consult the moderators of the individual forum.

Staff Members
The Staff Members are problem solvers and people who want to move PokéBeach forward. They do exceptionally well through articles, organizing, programming, know-how, or anything else that would allow us to explore other avenues of content. They do not have any Moderating powers, but do converse with the Moderators to plan projects.
07-18-2011 07:08 PM
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I like Pokemon more than you. :D

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RE: PokeBeach Forum Rules & Info

Rule #15 updated to apply only to custom avatars and forum staff's avatars.

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08-04-2011 10:56 PM
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I like Pokemon more than you. :D

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RE: PokeBeach Forum Rules & Info

Slightly modified the wording of the advertising rule to better clarify its general purpose.

Quote:PokéBeach prohibits linking to other Pokémon websites and forums for the purposes of advertising them.
Quote:PokéBeach prohibits linking to or mentioning other Pokémon websites and forums for the purposes of advertising them.

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08-09-2011 02:22 PM
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RE: PokeBeach Forums Rules & Info

Updated rule 11 about thread titles.
05-04-2012 05:51 PM
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RE: PokeBeach Forums Rules & Info

Updated 6/26 for clarity and conciseness.

Every rule which previously existed still exists, it's just written in a more concise fashion.
06-26-2012 12:07 PM
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RE: PokeBeach Forums Rules & Info

Updated wording of rules 3 and 6.
07-17-2012 12:24 AM
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