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Ho-Oh Plasma Storm

Pokemon (10):

2x Ho-Oh Ex
3x Mewtwo Ex
2x Tornados Ex
3x Bouffalant

Trainers (39):

4x Professor Juniper
4x N
2x Bianca
2x Cheren
2x Skyla
1x Computer Search
4x Pokemon Catcher
2x Switch
2x Escape Rope
4x Energy Switch
4x Ultra Ball
2x Super Scoop Up
4x Hypnotoxic Laser
2x Virbank City Gym

Energy (11):
4x Double Colorless Energy
1x Water Energy
1x Darkness Energy
1x Fighting Energy
1x Metal Energy
1x Psychic Energy
1x Grass Energy
1x Lightning Energy

This version of Ho-Oh is simplified to only colorless attackers and is designed to be more consistent and less clunky than other versions. I found room for Hypnotoxic Lasers and Virbank City Gyms which gives Ho-Oh a much needed power boost as it was otherwise a bit too weak of a deck damage wise. Not much else to explain except that I decided to choose Super Scoop Up over Max Potion for games where I start with Ho-Oh and went for a mix of Escape Ropes and Switches because both have unique advantages in certain situations. The major reason I choose to go without Landorus is it would ruin the Keldeo match up (5/10 times starting with something weak to water) and pollute the pure mix of energy for Ho-Oh.

All comments appreciated; this what I have come up with so far.

Consistency wins tournaments; tech wins games.
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RE: Ho-Oh Plasma Storm

I've ran a TON of Ho-Oh variants, and the one thing I've learned is 2 is never enough. It's very hard to get one (Or both) in to the discard, and rolling for rebirth with just 1 can be a headache.

I would try maybe:
-1 Bouffalant
+1 Ho-Oh

Bouff' can be a great attacker in tight spots dealing with a pesky EX (And since NOTHING will hit for weakness running a colorless deck) but getting that extra Ho-Oh in the discard will help with making sure the energy acceleration is there.

Also something to think about that I've been wondering, is what Ho-Oh users are going to do about Klink-Klangs if people decide to run them. It'll be difficult to take one out with just a Bouff alone, and Sigilyph will still be a problem.

I myself have added a Benchtini, but if you can think of anything to help in that situation then maybe give it some thought.
02-07-2013 04:22 PM
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