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Gothitelle Decklist

here is a fun deck that i like to play:

3x Gothita(43/98, EP)
2x Gothorita(46/98, EP)
3x Gothitelle(2x ability, 1x non, EP)
1x Grimer UD
1x Muk UD
2x Misdreavus UD
2x Mismgaius UL
1x cleffa CoL
1x manaphy UL
1x Tyrogue CoL
1x Tornadus EP
2x Jirachi CoL

4x Pokemon Communication Hgss
4x Pokemon Collector Hgss
4x Junk Arm TM
3x Rare Candy UL
3x Switch B&W
3x PONT Hgss
3x Catcher EP
2x Juniper B&W

10x Psychic
4x DCE Hgss

The point of this deck is to get out gothitelle as fast as possible and move energies around with mismagius. also something that i like to do with this deck is to have a gothitelle on the bench with tornadus active then keep attacking moving the energy to gothitelle then move it back up and attack again or manually attach.

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