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(Crobat, Giratina, Druddgion) Team Plasma Deck

While I tend to make more "fun" decks, I also try to make them kinda competitive.
This is my deck idea for a Team Plasma themed deck.

So after a brief switch to an Eeveelution Plasma Deck, I went back to this idea.

Borrowing from the "budget" deck Team Plasmas Poisonous Plot.
With a few changes.

  • 1 Mr. Mime (Bench Barrier/Psy Bolt)
  • 1 Snorlax (Block/Teampact)
  • 3 Giratina (Hex/Shadow Claw)
  • 2 Beldum (Calculate/Psypunch)
  • 2 Metang (Psy Bolt/Psypunch)
  • 2 Metagross (Plasma Search/Mind Bend)
  • 3 Zubat (Spiral Drain)
  • 3 Golbat (Spiral Drain)
  • 3 Crobat (Night Sight/Ultra-Toxic Fang)
  • 2 Virbank City Gym
  • 1 Rock Guard
  • 3 Shadow Triad
  • 3 Team Plasma Ball
  • 3 Colress (1 full art)
  • 3 Pokemon Catcher
  • 3 Colress Machine
  • 3 Team Plasma Grunt
  • 3 Hypnotoxic Laser
  • 3 Double Colorless Energy
  • 3 Plasma Energy
  • 10 Psychic
Strategy: Either use Hypnotoxic & Giratina's Hex Attack, or use Crobat to do 100 damage with Virbank. Druddgion is mostly as a blocker to set up the other cards.
Mewtwo is there for other Mewtwo, Darkrai is there for the free retreat (mostly for Giratina).

Feel free to suggest changes, though make sure to know that I don't have a lot of the "good" cards.
In fact this deck has most of the really good cards in it that I own.

I edited your post up here to reflect what you have down here, and the format as well. I've gone ahead and unapproved your other posts because there should only be one decklist per thread, so as a heads-up try to avoid that in the future. ~Kecleon

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