Water Pokémon Master
Jan 2, 2006
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Oct 3, 1988 (Age: 29)

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Water Pokémon Master

I like Pokemon more than you. :D, 29

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    1. DNA
      I love all the extra new profile fields. It's just a whole new way for me (and others) to be hilarious. Also:
      "Top 4 in my JAA, and [i]I beat all the little kids in my neighborhood.[/i]"
      ^I [b]love[/b] this.
    2. #1weavile
      *Hugs WPM*
    3. TheGuy
      I like the VG/ TCG Accomplishments part of the profile.

    4. Guilty Spark
      Guilty Spark
      Hey WPM I'm loving the oversized bio.*cough*or*cough*lack*cough*thereof*cough* sorry I'm sick. :p
    5. Cris
      @ slickmario
      Umm... yeah, of course some people just love stalking WPM. *coughs suspiciously and looks around with a nervous look*

      Sooooo, WPM you never told me if my math was correct when I made my guess in that thread about your message that got deleted.
    6. Professor Palutena
      Professor Palutena
      Or maybe its our way of saying we love you.
    7. TheOtterBoy
      Or maybe some people only just want to look at your extremely short profile.
    8. Rusty Sticks
      Rusty Sticks
      Others just feel like stalking you :3
    9. safariblade
      Some can maybe might kinda see what you are doing quite possibly sometimes.
    10. Vortex
      Very good question. They're probably looking for spoilers as to what the announcement is, or they just want a return visit.
    11. Water Pokémon Master
      Water Pokémon Master
      Why do people keep looking at my profile? You can't see what I'm doing anyway, so it's not like it's ever going to change. :p
    12. So. Is this forum closing or what? You should realy post a thread, etc saying this forum is closing so new members don't join and realize they joined for nothing...
    13. THEShedinja
      Dun close down PokeBeach D: You should like try adding a donation button on the homepage or something if moneys the problem.
    14. charmanzard979
      why close the fourms, this is the best pokemon fourm place for people, dont take it down!
    15. Starboard Driger
      Starboard Driger
      WPM, do what you feel needs to be done. Whatever that may be,
      know that we're all grateful that you gave us the time we had on Pokebeach. You've made the best site out there, and it can't be replaced. It'll hold a special place in my heart forever. I wish you luck.


      Oh, and if money is the problem, hold some sort of fundraiser. I would gladly donate, and I'm sure others will too. Use the money to pay for film school! And when you make that live action Pokemon movie (and I'm sure you will), you can bet I'll have front row seats the very first day it's out!
    16. Whats up with the message at the top of the screen?
    17. 123wert50
      Hes serious. D;
    18. Vortex
      Is the message on the front page about closing the forums soon a joke? I take it that it is, since you just appointed new mods.
      Let me guess your response...

      [quote='Water Pokémon Master'] Test.[/quote]
    19. Rusty Sticks
      Rusty Sticks
      Mudkip broke the testing chain. Now we will never know if 4 comments can be posted in a row.
    20. XanderPitz1010
      *testing complete* lol
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