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Jan 12, 1986 (Age: 32)
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:[, Male, 32, from Janesville, WI, USA

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Everyone: Do not post on my wall saying you sent your deck list, I know you sent it by virtue of the fact that I received a PM from you. Aug 1, 2017

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Feb 21, 2018 at 7:52 PM
    1. flameman226
    2. The Yoshi
      The Yoshi
      Thank you, PMJ, for locking my thread. It took a whole 2 minutes for me to write that, you know. :p
    3. Juliacoolo
      Get on PO I want to show you something (Smogon serv)
    4. bacon
      pmj's wall counters excadrill
    5. PDC
      your wall

      is tangrowth
    6. bacon
    7. bacon
    8. bacon
      your wall
    9. bacon
    10. bacon
    11. bacon
      coolest mod

      hey man post more

    12. zoroarkmaster
      Can You unlock my SSB4 thread due too E3
    13. Cinesra
      okay, I'm going to make a terribad joke: first I was using outrage over your demodding, now I'm confused over your remodding...sorry for that. Nice to see you're back.
    14. juunkmilk
      Hi PMJ.
      I guess you got de-modded briefly.
      Stop that.
    15. Afro-G
      You being de-modded was probably the worst experience I've had on Pokebeach... Glad you're back! =D
    16. PDC
      The great power that is PMJ, has been restored.
    17. Rusty Sticks
      Rusty Sticks
      Ok, apparently you are back. Congrats, I guess?
    18. Cris
      Yay, we got our s-mod back!! :D Glad to you see you back in pink PMJ!
    19. Afro-G
      This is a sad day in Pokebeach history. :[ You were definitely one of Pokebeach's greatest mods. (Don't deny it...)
    20. Zorua
      Sorry to see what happened.

      Hope everything's alright if it was your decision
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    Jan 12, 1986 (Age: 32)
    Janesville, WI, USA
    Acting, singing, ponies, women, not necessarily in that order
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    Used Glaceon LV.X and Dialga G LV.X in the same deck.
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    3DS: 3738 0385 2439 / Wii U Username: pmjiggaboo
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    chat quotes because, let's face it, there's gold in them thar hills. Now with clearer explanations!

    <Porygon> my friendcodeis 09i4rk4r590 rkvcfjxnzfzsasfffxfcxv xzm,xszgn j

    - Porygon was a strange kinda dude. He had a unique sense of humor that never failed to get laughs. I suppose you had to know him; without understanding the kind of things he said and did, this quote just looks like spam. He's been gone from the site for years now, and this quote has lost a lot of its original amusement, but friend codes are stupid and archaic and really oughta be eradicated.

    <The_Dark_Toxicroak> the dark knight comes out july 18th are you all ready?
    <dead> no.
    <Freak> no
    <PMJ> ^
    <Freak> what is it for?

    - Oh Freak, you so silly. Obviously what my pal TDT meant was the movie The Dark Knight and not some game, but Freak didn't know that, and lulz were had. It's arguably one of the less funny quotes, but I thought it was funny at the time, so here it is.

    * Sam is now known as Spamophone
    <blaze_flareon> ...?
    * Spamophone rings
    * blaze_flareon picks up Spamophone
    <blaze_flareon> HEllo?
    * Spamophone hangs up

    - Sam, aka bacon (or scampy, as the new generation probably knows him as), was so cool. I'd say that the above quote sums up the kind of personality he has, but that really doesn't do him justice. It sucks he isn't around anymore, and it really sucks because we were Facebook friends and I think he deleted his account or something and he is one of the few people on this site I would actually like to stay in touch with. bacon, if you come back and read this someday, find me on skype bro D:

    <DRK176> I just want to make sure that you feel as though that members don't want you to be here

    - DocRobot_K-176 was, without a doubt, the nicest dude that ever came to this site. He was articulate and kind, and he rose through the ranks at lightning speed; in fact, I think he spent more time as a super mod than a regular member. He always tried to be impartial and fair towards everyone, so when my old frenemy Silver and I got into an argument, Doc pulled the two of us in a private chat and forced us to talk it out. The above quote was directed at Silver, and it was a blunder of amazing proportions. Unfortunately for PB, life got in the way and he left the staff sometime in 2008, I think.

    <Godzilla> PMJ stands for
    <Godzilla> READ
    <Godzilla> MY
    <Godzilla> FIC


    This was, for a time, one of the hottest stories on the Beach. There was hardly a chat room user who didn't know of my first fanfic, Seven Days of Terror. Its nickname is 27772 because that's the thread's ID number. (Threads aren't listed by their ID number anymore, but if you know the proper way to link to one using the number, you can still do that). The reason the story was so popular was because I pretty much spammed the link to the thread at every opportunity. Sometimes new folks saw me in the chat room and asked me what PMJ stands for, usually thinking it stood for Pokemon Master J________ (it doesn't; not even close). My boy Zilla came up with this rather amusing answer. If you've ever asked me what PMJ stands for and I answered "READ MY FIC", this is why. Sorry.

    <Kronar> \m/ i did Sableye last night \m/

    - Kronar used to do scanlations for fun. If you don't know what those are, it's basically translating foreign cards and recreating them using English blanks, symbols, and text, while using the foreign card's art. Seeing them made me want to get back into faking, and that eventually led to Platinum: Unsung Heroes, a collaboration set that I originally was to work on with both Kronar and Xous, our mutual friend and longtime site artist. The above quote is referring to a scanlation he made of Stormfront Sableye, but who cares about context when you have the opportunity to use it for innuendo instead?

    <Xander> Kronar wishes he was a girl?
    <Kronar> yeah :<

    - This is one of those "perfect timing" quotes. The thing that Kronar was saying yeah to has nothing to do with Xander's question, but thanks to the beauty that is IRC, this gem was created. Being a girl isn't all bad, though, so it's not like he could complain.

    [17:14:55] <Kevin_Garrett> terrorists are like really bad forum users that think they are really good
    [17:15:02] <Kevin_Garrett> like they comment on everything
    [17:15:05] <Kevin_Garrett> and everything they say is right
    [17:15:08] <Kevin_Garrett> if you disagree
    [17:15:09] <Kevin_Garrett> UDIE
    [17:15:14] <HolyStar> and they die, too

    - Yes. Yes they do.

    [23:15:35] * Bass ([email protected]) has joined #Sarcasm
    [23:15:36] <Kronar> <333333333333333333333

    - Timing couldn't have been better on this one.

    [22:40:05] <X|WoW> pride
    [22:40:06] <X|WoW> I'm gay
    [22:40:07] <X|WoW> don't worry
    [22:40:08] <X|WoW> lol
    [22:40:11] <PMJ> thuper gay
    [22:40:13] <X|WoW> no
    [22:40:16] <X|WoW> that's kro--
    [22:40:17] <X|WoW> uh
    [22:40:17] <X|WoW> uh
    [22:40:18] <X|WoW> uh
    [22:40:18] <X|WoW> uh
    [22:40:19] <X|WoW> LENNY.
    [22:40:20] <PMJ> LENNY.
    [22:40:21] <PMJ> LOL
    [22:40:22] <X|WoW> HA
    [22:40:25] <X|WoW> ^5
    [22:40:25] <PMJ> ^5

    - This one speaks for itself I think

    [20:21:18] <Crystal_Hikara> Chicken nuggets!
    [20:21:21] <Crystal_Hikara> <3333

    - Crystal Hikara was one of my art friends who was also super hot (she probably still is). She complained that I had not put any quotes from her in my bio, and so I found something of hers to add and I added it. Plus, she's right. Chicken nuggets! <3333

    You can 'follow' me if you want to gain up-to-the-nanosecond notifications on all my wacky, zany posts! Or don't, that's cool too.


    My Fakes - Unsung Heroes - 27772 - TCG Trades
    Click the dancing Mawile to visit her home.
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