‘Burning Shadows’ Prerelease Promos!

The prerelease promos for Burning Shadows will be Seviper, Zygarde, Crabominable, and Bewear!

All four cards originate from Japan’s SM3 set. Except for Bewear, each card features new artwork that hasn’t been seen in Japan yet. Bewear was released as a promo in July’s issue of CoroCoro Ichiban.

Burning Shadows prereleases will take place July 22nd through 30th. You can find event locations and times on Pokemon.com.

Seviper – Psychic – HP100
Basic Pokemon

Ability: Poison Up
As long as this Pokemon is in play, place an additional damage counter on your opponent’s Poisoned Pokemon between turns.

[P][C][C] Poison Fang: 30 damage. Your opponent’s Active Pokemon is now Poisoned.

Weakness: Psychic (x2)
Resistance: none
Retreat: 2

Zygarde – Dragon – HP150
Basic Pokemon

[C][C][C] Land Crush: 80 damage.

[D][Y][C][C] Core Punisher: 150 damage. Discard a [D] and [Y] Energy from this Pokemon.

Weakness: Fairy (x2)
Resistance: none
Retreat: 4

Crabominable – Fighting – HP140
Stage 1 – Evolves from Crabrawler

[F] Guts Hammer: 80 damage. This Pokemon does damage to itself equal to the number of damage counters on it.

[F][F][F] Double Stamp: 80+ damage. Flip 2 coins. This attack does 40 more damage for each heads.

Weakness: Psychic (x2)
Resistance: none
Retreat: 4

Bewear – Colorless – HP120
Stage 1 – Evolves from Stufful

[C][C] Mix-Up: Flip a coin. If heads, discard the top 3 cards of your opponent’s deck.

[C][C][C] Tantrum: 120 damage. This Pokemon is now Confused.

Weakness: Fighting (x2)
Resistance: none
Retreat: 2

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  1. PlatinumDude Aspiring Trainer


    The English descriptions of the attacks are on the cards (mostly), so you might want to update those as best as you can.
  2. MarshalBry Shaym' on you


    Seems like Seviper will be the promo to hope for. Here's hoping I get Seviper and Zygarde as my staff promos for judging 2 pre-releases (Zygarde is gorgeous looking).
  3. TokenDuelist VGC Professor


    I wanna get my hands on that Seviper because I've got so many Seviper cards and need MORE.
  4. Mr. Mirek Aspiring Trainer
    Mr. Mirek


    Bewear might be fun at prerelease since the deck is 40 cards. If you can land heads, your opponent might be in a pinch. Any idea of cards in Burning Shadows that would pair well with Bewear? (I need to do my research too)
  5. blahblahbal Aspiring Trainer


    I'm betting the 'Core Punisher' attack on Zygarde will become 'Core Enforcer' on the English card.

    Also. Wow that Seviper.
  6. PlatinumDude Aspiring Trainer


    That attack is Core Enforcer if you look carefully at the image.
  7. blahblahbal Aspiring Trainer


    Well then the translation is incorrect :p.
  8. steffenka Mod for TCG & Sun/Moon News and Smeargle's Canvas

    Forum Mod News Staff Member

    The translations are directly translated versions of the Japanese names, which is why there is a slight variation between the translations and the official English names :)
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  9. Yveltalplayer Aspiring Trainer


    With Seviper, I think we might see more Toxapex GX decks.
  10. Baldnitrome2 Data Error


    The promos look good, but they leave a little to be desired...
    I Think Seviper and Bewear are the best promos to play.

    (Hope I get an Necrozma-GX)
  11. Rooie Aspiring Trainer


    I wish they made Heracross one of the promos. I suppose it could've been a bit overpowered in the prerelease setting, but still.
  12. Skeleton Liar サーナ~
    Skeleton Liar


    Well, one of those is a good Promo. If you don't get Seviper, I hope you like the artwork on the other three, I guess. =|
  13. GlakeGG Aspiring Trainer


    Does Serviper's ability stack? If not. still very solid but if it does it'll be freaking godlike.
  14. whytfyouwanttoknowmyname Aspiring Trainer


    another bewear? lets make that the new meta

    there was a sneak peek at them today
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  15. Jonnysniper Aspiring Trainer


  16. Eggrolls13 Aspiring Trainer


    It almost certainly stacks, and no it isn't "godlike". What poisoning attacker would you even pair it up with?

    And I can't believe how bad you all are if you think seviper is the best or even the only good promo here. Crabominable is infinitely better. It hits 110 with a Choice Band and hits darkrai, Zoroark, drampa, Tauros, and Vikavolt for weakness, for ONE ENERGY, making it an amazing tech attacker in any deck that can use it.

    And you guys think adding one damage counter to POISON of all things is better, when poison is completely irrelevant in the meta.
  17. Want that Zygarde and Crabominable the most.
  18. Rindon Aspiring Trainer


    Last edited: Jul 12, 2017
  19. ZMonsBRUH Darkrai


    that zygarde promo not only looks sick, but will rek prereleases. 80 damage for 3 colorless energy?!?! Thats so good. The other ones are good, finally pokemon is giving some love to seviper. The other 2 promos, i dont see getting much love, bewear seems to be the milling card of burning shadows, and crabominable, its just bad. Really excited for the Zygarde though

    its not there because tapu fini was in sm2 plus, that link had everything that was in japans sm3 set

    ok first why are u spreading the hate man, my opinion is that seviper is good, ur opinion is that its bad, and with toxapex gx as an attacker and seviper as support, its gonna be pretty god, with toxapex already putting 10 damage counters in between turns, and seviper adding even more, and if u play expanded, and put in virbank city gym, its gonna be an amazing card. Other then that, zygarde will be awesome for prereleases, crabominable will also be ok, and bewear, will be the milling card of burning shadows.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 13, 2017
  20. D2B2WIN1 Aspiring Trainer


    Zygarde looks amazing and Serviper is the best prerelease kit card.

    For prerelease strategy, hope to pull a Kiawe and a high-damage Colorless/Fire energy attacker.