Altar of the Moone, Sunne, and Aqua Patch from ‘Guardians Rising!’

Altar of the Moone (#117), Altar of the Sunne (#118), and Aqua Patch (#119) from Guardians Rising have been revealed!

The set will be released in America and Europe on May 5th (but at some hobby shops earlier). The set will be legal for tournament play on May 19th.

Prereleases begin this weekend — be sure to check out to find one near you!

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  1. ronangorski Aspiring Trainer


    Just waiting for the set list now.
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  2. MoFoTY86 Aspiring Trainer

    Advanced Member Member

    That Altar of the Sun is gonna help a lot of Volcanion Decks vs Quad Lapras.

    Also Altar of the Moon for M Mewtwo and Darkrai/Yveltal decks could be interesting.
  3. Doby Aspiring Trainer

    Advanced Member Member

    Interested to see how the meta will shift if at all after this set
  4. Alakazam90125 Aspiring Trainer


    Aqua Patch is unbalanced in my opinion. I still don´t think there is any truly amazing water Pokemon in the format: even Lapras to me seems a bit clunky because it requires constant Pokemon Ranger use (unless you attach a float stone to your Laprases and switch out every turn.)
  5. Ecourts Wanderer | Lvl.2


    The Lapras deck primarily uses Switching cards, like Escape Rope, and... well... Switch.
    It can get away with it, because the low Pokemon count + Collect allows for a lot of tech cards.

    I've also seen Manaphy used, which I thought was pretty good, though I suppose people don't want to risk 2 prizes.

    I'd still never play Lapras... it's a decent deck though.
  6. MoFoTY86 Aspiring Trainer

    Advanced Member Member

    You still have Glaceon EX, Articuno, Regice as other attackers it can be used for. Also M Gyarado is something to look at with Mega Turbo. I haven't really sat down and looked in-depth but there are others besides Lapras GX. Plus with Alolan Nintales, Wishiwashi GX coming too. Just to name a few.
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  7. AuraJackle Aspiring Trainer


    Can't wait to use tapu fini gx alongside aqua patch. Snipe shaymins for days
  8. Hemos The demonic Shadow Lugia/Mystical Raven Witch


    I'm still waiting towards the rotation to see what, if any XY sets will be rotated out. If Evolutions remains on, I might try making a Mewtwo/Lunala deck for Altar of the Moone.

    Of course, I'm also still waiting to see if they will localize 'The Best of XY', cause then I could toss some Yveltal EX in there too
  9. Ecourts Wanderer | Lvl.2


    There honestly isn't a lot of targets for Aqua Patch.
    Glaceon and Regice use DCE.
    Articuno, I'm assuming the ancient trait one, isn't really used much; and one of it's strengths was being able to stall for 1 energy.

    I talked about Alolan Ninetales and Wishwashi in my set analysis.
    I think it could be good on Wishiwashi, and he might actually see play in some Rogue water decks (with maybe Kyogre or Gyarados).
    But Ninetales is... a bit clunky, because ideally, you'd want to use DCE for it's first attack... but it's energy costs force you to attach water energy to actually do damage.
    It just seems like you're burning a lot of resources on a card that doesn't really excel at a specific role.

    Aqua patch is a good card that, in my opinion, doesn't really have a deck to go in.
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  10. Epist Captain Clamps

    Advanced Member Member

    So if you can play items indiscriminately (AKA no GR Garbodor on your opponent's bench) then you can play an Altar of the Sun, use Field Blower to remove Spirit Link, toss on a choice band, and then hit for 150 every round (for only 2 energy) with Mega Scizor and no weakness to fire? Yes Please!

    Or make that 160 if you have Dhelmise on the bench.... :)
  11. Asmer Keep the High Tide on the Flipside


    Plus, we still have Rough Seas, Dive Ball, and the new Stadium that searches for Water Pokemon on top of all that. Water is going to be a force to be reckoned with and it definitely needs to be taken in to consideration for anyone playing in this next Meta.

  12. Tapu Lele I'm the reason why your wallet is empty
    Tapu Lele

    Forum Mod Member

    Altar of the Moone:

    Altar of the Sunne:
    a slip of paper you leave on the table for your opponent to discard

    Aqua patch:
    Rhymes with trash <3
  13. ZygardeGuy Baba ba wawa ha ha ba ba


    Yay! Bubbles!
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  14. BraviaryBoi Anonymus


    Volcanion reks quad Lapras and mewtwo is better with shrine of memories
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  15. Ecourts Wanderer | Lvl.2


    Both of these things are true.
    and don't forget that Darkrai + Yveltal are usually running Silent Lab and Parallel City... two VERY strong stadium cards.
  16. Vexen_IV The Paul Heyman to Giratina-EX's Brock Lesnar.


    Definitely going to be a tough choice between parallel city and AoM now for my deck.
  17. jakedun 2093 Pokemon TCG Elders Divison World Champion


    Truly it's n0t unbalance Because of Decidueye/ Vileplume being one of the top decks in the format. It can't beat it. And for the ones with electric weakness electric seems to be a solid type with Tapu Koko GX and Jolteon EX
  18. Water Pokémon Master I like Pokemon more than you. :D
    Water Pokémon Master

    Webmaster News Head Activities Head Elite Member Advanced Member Member

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  19. Ramo0927 Stay away. I am literal cancer.



    Honestly, so far, Guardians Rising has GOT to be the best Sun and Moon set so far. There are a lot of cards in this set that are pretty good and all the GX's are playable/good/ok in some way shape or form(except Kommo-o GX. He should've been in a GX Box.(and yes I am aware that Wishiwashi and Vikavolt are very low tier, but what makes them better than Kommo-o is that they can hit for weakness AND they can get their energy easier)), and all the secret rare trainer cards are just fabulous reprints of amazing cards from this set(and from other XY sets, mostly).

    I hope to see what Burning Shadows has in store for us!

    I give Guardians Rising a 9.5/10
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  20. ronangorski Aspiring Trainer



    Politoed will be on the set and not as promo, love it! <3