Goodnight, Babies: More ‘BREAKpoint’ Cards Revealed!

The official BREAKpoint mini-site has revealed 25 cards from the set, as you can see below (some have been revealed before, but I’m including them below for completeness). You can check out the full set list for BREAKpoint in this news story.

Prereleases for the set start this weekend, and booster packs will officially hit store shelves on February 3rd.

That Hypno just gets creepier and creepier.


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  1. Zainnulabdinn Aspiring Trainer


    Luxray break is awesome
  2. AshCo Ladies' Man Extraordinaire


    I would play Darkrai/Hypno, BUT Machamp/Ariados is way better right now(In my opinion) due to Fighting support, plus Steaming mad is better late game, especially with Heavy boots. I see Darkrai being a tech in Yveltal decks though.
  3. NinjaBem Aspiring Trainer


    OMGOODNESS! Ariados + Raticate BREAK deck one shot kill baby
  4. JimtendoPower Lysandre's Trump Bidoof


    I didn't realize why the article was called "Goodnight Babies". Then I looked at the Hypno
  5. danhansen0250 Aspiring Trainer


    I already have the espon EX and FA Skyla and going to pull more tomorrow at your 2nd prerelease
  6. BibiTotoLover Eeveelutions, Lapras + Fairy Collector


    Man, it's really been a long time since I've checked the TCG, and I'm kinda sad I fell behind so much. Not to mention I missed out on two great boxes of Mewtwo's Mega forms. :( But maybe I'll catch up a bit with this, because that Mega Gyarados Elite box is calling my name!
  7. Water Pokémon Master I like Pokemon more than you. :D
    Water Pokémon Master

    Webmaster News Head Activities Head Elite Member Advanced Member Member

  8. PatriciaWagon22 Aspiring Trainer


    Nice, but there is something 'odd' that I'd like to bring up. I was at my local walmart twice and both days I saw NO BREAKpoint merchandise on the shelf, I was also at GameStop and they DID have BREAKpoint merchandise, mainly, packs, any idea what is going on with Pokemon and Walmart? Did they decide to stop stocking them or something?
  9. Athena Envoy of Mediation

    Advanced Member Member

    Just like there are some stores that put stuff out before release date, there are other stores that don't end up getting stuff out until after. There was a store by where I used to live in the States that was notorious about not getting stuff out on time (it wasn't a Walmart though). Chances are they're either waiting for a 3rd party vendor to set things up, they're waiting for old merch to sell to make room, the boxes were misplaced or lost in the warehouse, or someone's just lazy and doesn't feel like stocking yet. :p