Monday - October 22nd, 2012 @ 9 AM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

A new product description for BW8 Spiral Force / Thunder Knuckle has been released, providing us with the first details about the two sets. Thanks goes to Naninomoka for the translations below! As a reminder, BW8 will be released in Japan on December 14th.

  • Team Plasma cards will become more powerful with this set.
  • Many Pokemon from the TV show will appear in the sets (does this mean we’ll see Deoxys appear in the show this December?).
  • Thundurus’ Therian Forme will appear as an EX card in Thunder Knuckle.
  • The product description alludes to Deoxys’ formes also appearing in Spiral Force.
  • There will be 51 cards per set for a total of 102 cards (excluding secret rares).
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